Aggressive Words & Eros Conjunct Jupiter – Sep 15/16

Snapshot: on Friday afternoon we have productive romantic relating. Saturday afternoon brings Soulful clarity around work and fun, health and romance. But both days will be bringing us quick communications, forceful words around work, health, service and volunteering.

At 3:44pm on Friday Venus at 24:51 Leo Sextiles Jupiter at 24:51 Libra.

This is a helpful aspect that provides healing and ease in relating with our children or romantic partners. It can help your creative endeavors appeal to a broader base of people. Or it can offer ease of touch for someone who needs it.

At 1:03pm on Saturday the Sun at 24:01 Virgo Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 24:01 Leo.

A minor aspect but it can provide some clarity into the ways your work and fun can complement each other.

At 3:01pm Mercury at 7:14 Virgo Conjuncts Mars at 7:14 Virgo.

You may have already been feeling this aspect if you have been madly texting someone or wanting to talk by phone, almost demanding to be heard or if someone has been doing this towards you. Depending on the House where you have 7+ Virgo will tell you who you are talking to or who is pushing to talk to you. It can be men, for sure, as its Mars. But Mars’ energy is involved in the way the communication is delivered. It can also be that you use your body language to communicate for you;) For those in 3D, ‘them’s fightin’ words.’

Right now we have 3 Personal Planets in Virgo so we are talking, planning and executing work, health, daily routine issues. By next Tuesday’s New Moon at 27:27 Virgo we will have all 5 Personal Planets in Virgo. But its important to note that we also have Neptune and Chiron in Pisces affecting this entire axis. And all of these Planets are Square to Planets/Points in Gemini and Sagittarius. Something is being worked out around the Heartbreak Transit right now as we externalize what is going on in Pisces through Virgo. And Saturn is in Sagittarius holding us accountable to our new spiritual/global philosophy.

And yesterday and today we have Transiting Eros and Jupiter adding to the Planets and Points at 22-24 degrees. They formed their own Grand Kite with Eris in Aries at the bottom of the Kite, the North Node and BML as the crossbeam of the Kite. There is much easy energy surrounding the Squares formed by Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. But in all different Signs. So see how your own motivation (Eris in Aries) for fun (NN and Venus in Leo) supports your relating-ships (Eros and Jupiter in Libra) and aligns with your new cosmological, big picture thinking (BML in Sagittarius).

Eros in Libra is a 5D ability to relate and a desire to do so. Jupiter and Eros create an ease here, but it may be lost with so much other Virgo energy distracting us.

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