Venus Completes her 5-Day Gauntlet – Sep 13/14

Snapshot: On Wednesday night (EDT) we will have some clarity around our spiritual philosophy and how it applies to our work, health, service and volunteering. Thursday we have magical desires and revelation.

At 10:58pm (EDT) on Wednesday the Sun at 21:30 Virgo Squares Saturn at 21:30 Sagittarius.

This is some hard clarity around what Saturn has been holding our focus on (our spiritual philosophy) and how to apply it to our work, health, service and volunteering. Virgo rules accounting as well. If there is somewhere that you have not been paying attention to the details, you may get a chance to see why you need to. Squares are Karmic, but with the Sun the clarity is for just your benefit so you can address any issues that need addressing. Pay close attention to the Houses where you have 21+ Virgo and Sagittarius as this will show WHO the players are that you need to be accountable to.

At 1:26am on Thursday Venus at 22:54 Leo Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 16:54 Capricorn.

After her adjustment and ease to Pluto on Saturday, Venus now makesa double-magic/5D aspect that merges our own desires and resources and our intimacy and other peoples’ resources. While Venus wants romance, she now has Pluto willing to entertain her wishes and use his authority and money to make it all come true. It doesn’t get much better than this! But keep in mind, if you have Planets in hard aspect to either of these 2 Planets, you may not be able to feel the effortlessness of this 5D aspect. And it may be something personal that you deserve to have fun with and someone grants you the money or the access to what you desire. Venus is nearing the Soulful North Node so her desires are aligning in that way.

At 7:30am the Sun at 21:50 Virgo Biquintiles Uranus Rx at 27:50 Aries.

More 5D/double magic that will bring us effortless clarity and flashes of insight showing us how to do our ‘work’ while pursuing our personal path to freedom as well. Last year when the Nodes of Fate and Jupiter were in Virgo, we were learning how to work/serve in a Soulful way that wasn’t the slavery of so much Virgo in 3D. Now we can have some clarity around the promise of fun from the Solar Eclipse in Leo, which was Trine Uranus, so we can pursue the fun while also keeping the details of our lives in balance and addressed. Some crazy idea may be just the ticket to show you a new way of doing your daily tasks.

At 10:34pm Venus at 23:59 Leo Conjuncts the North Node at 23:59 Leo.

Now our desires will be Soulfully aligned to seeking romance that isn’t self-centered, but centered in self. Soul Awareness IS 5D. The Nodes of Fate challenge us to be in Soul Awareness around the Signs they are Transiting. Rather than ‘girls just wanna have fun’ of 3D Leo, our desires tonight will be deeper and romantic for the healing that can bring. Our creativity will show healing and depth of connected-ness.

On Friday Venus will Sextile Jupiter which means in the last 5 days Venus has encountered 4 Outer Planets, Pluto twice, and the Nodes of Fate: 1) Ses-Squared Pluto on Tues; 2) Biquintiled Chiron on Tues; 3) Trined Saturn on Tues; 4) Biquintiled Pluto on Thurs; 5) Conjunct the North Node on Thus; and 6) Sextile Jupiter.

With this many aspects, we should be very clear about our Soulful desires for romance, fun, creativity and children. We should also have a perspective from each of these Planets as the Signs they are Transiting. Think back on your desires this week and how they were affected to better FEEL the energies as you need to in 5D.



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