Motivated Volunteering & Storms – Sep 8

Snapshot: On Thursday morning our motivations to serve will be adjusted to create an ease with some in authority or someone we are intimate with. Afternoon brings clarity around our desires for fun and our need to serve.

At 7:28am (EDT) Mars at 1:57 Virgo Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 16:57 Capricorn.

Mars is newly in Virgo but you may have noticed your motivations to organize, get to work on new health practices, join a gym or yoga and the like. Pluto is just 6 minutes from his Direct Station and will be slowing down now in preparation. Pluto is returning to 16+degrees Capricorn for the 4th and 5th pass so if you have Planets in Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra within a 2 degree orb, you may recall the energy is returning again. Though most of the transformation has occurred. Mars is passion. Pluto is intimacy and shared resources. Pluto in Capricorn shows us the shadow side of our use of power. Mars and Pluto can create wars when in hard aspect. Today is not that day. But as Mars likes to do his own thing, and in Virgo Mars is busy working or working out, he needs to keep in mind what the Pluto entity is thinking here. Adjust to create the ease.

Mars Biquintiled Pluto on Aug 25th, but from the Sign of Leo. Now the storyline of their cycle together is changing to incorporate health, work, service and volunteering issues. We know there is plenty of volunteering (Mars in Virgo) going on to help government agencies (Pluto in Capricorn) with Houston and likely soon on the Southeast coastline of the US. Some adjustment here needs to be made.

As Mars is now Transiting the US’s 3rd House of communication, plans and ideas, over the same degrees of Mercury’s current Rx cycle, how might we adjust our motivations to communicate in light of the latest volunteering push? What healthcare issues will be adjusted to align with the overall initiatives of Capricorn energy?

At 1:26pm the Sun at 16:15 Virgo Semi-Sextiles Venus at 16:15 Leo.

A minor aspect of clarity around our desires for fun and romance and our sense of service to others. Its a productive moment of clarity.

Getting back to the Storms that have hit and are going to hit the US, it IS a result of the Total Eclipse slicing across the heart of our continent. As the US is a Cancer Sign country, Chiron in Pisces for the Solar Eclipse, was making a Quincunx (adjustment) to the Eclipse degree. Pisces is the US’s 9th House by Sun Sign. Pisces rules water. 9th House energy is ruled by Jupiter which expands and overwhelms. The 9th House also rules cities and metropolitan areas and is across the axis of transportation and travel with Gemini/3rd House.

It may be that the storms put our frustration levels with government things to work on servicing allowing us to rid ourselves of the subconscious pain it all may cause. So rather than an Arab Spring, could we see armies of volunteers? Actually working with the government? And transforming the government by their own assertion of needs and what is right?

Uranus was Trine the Eclipse in Aries. So this is mitigating the need to ‘fight’ for our personal rights and it could see us initiating more equality in all of the ways government programs are implemented by the sheer will of the people.

While the US’s Sibley chart is widely argued over, it is likely the South Node has been hitting on the US’s Natal Moon for the last 6 weeks (24+ degrees of Aquarius). This placement made us a country where ‘all men are created equal.’ But now many are letting go (South Node) of their homes (Moon) and there could be more communal style living situations for a while or as a solution to the devastation.

Having lived through 2 500-year floods and through one from a hurricane, it was obvious to me that when we were prepared for a hurricane, it wouldn’t hit us. You could tell the areas that weren’t prepared and it would then hit them. A bit like the ‘Passover Feast’. With our 9th House of spiritual philosophy and faith in Pisces, this is a very REAL application of that placement. ‘ Prepare for the worst, hope/pray for the best. That WORKS in our country;)

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