Action-Packed Tuesday & a Full Moon – Sep 5/6

Snapshot: Tuesday has many aspects starting with our motivations changing from fun and play to work, fitness, health and service. Our conscious mind starts looking forward again, we have some subconscious clarity, adjusted easy desires, changes around work and personal directions, and adjusted subconscious desires.

At 1:27am the Sun at 12:51 Virgo Opposes Neptune Rx at 12:51 Pisces.

Here we have some clarity around our subconscious areas that are dissolving. What we ‘see’ clearly is going to reveal where things are going. We can set new goals now if we look at what is right in front of our faces as it will show us what has also left our reality for the time anyway. The Sun sheds light on the hidden things that Neptune has been doing. But across the axis of Virgo and Pisces, we see a very interesting connection between the unseen and seen realms. Can you notice how they are so interconnected? This will help you deal with the new reality before you. You can set goals with what is in your life now rather than what has left.

On a more global note, as Neptune rules the ‘weather’ or ‘water cycle’, it is likely that Houston will have greater clarity on how to ‘rebuild’, plans to put in place to shore up what has been dissolved and to start over. Virgo rules volunteers and service and that is where we externalize the subconscious knowing realm. If Uranus gives you flashes of insight into what YOU can do, go for it! There are smaller ‘Houston’ scenarios all around us.

At 1:30am the Moon ingresses Pisces bringing us into the energies of the Full Moon. Our intuition will begin to reveal more about Neptune’s dissolving energies and allow us to see how we feel about what to DO about it via the Virgo energies.

At 4:39am Venus at 12:11 Leo Ses-Squares Chiron Rx at 17:11 Pisces.

Our desires for fun may run into a bit of subconscious pain (aka guilt, shame, emotional manipulation, avoidance, etc.), but if we make an adjustment using this pain we can create an ease and heal any angst.

At 5:40am (EDT) on Tuesday Mars ingresses Virgo leaving Leo behind. Now our motivations will move towards organizing rather than enjoying, fitness rather than fun, service rather than creativity and co-workers rather than children. It is a 6-week window to get new routines in place, new fitness regimens going and to find work if necessary.

At 7:27am the Sun at 13:05 Virgo Ses-Squares Uranus at 28:05 Aries.

This is the Sun in aspect to 2 Higher Mind Planets today so the flashes of insight we are receiving are very deep and helpful. Neptune is dissolving things and Uranus is initiating change. The Sun is showing us what these 2 Planets are doing and especially in terms of our conscious world, our daily routines, our health and well-being. The Sun is already on the degree of the Full Moon that occurs on Wednesday morning so we are getting great support in seeing how we feel about Virgo/Pisces areas of our lives/chart. With Mercury stopped dead in the heavens, we can really let these Higher Mind energies through without the conscious mind interfering.

At 7:30am Mercury Stations Direct at 28:25 Leo.

Now we will be implementing the revisions to our plans that have occurred over the last 3 weeks. We will also start hearing about the ‘fresh start’ we saw at the Solar Eclipse and things will really pick up some speed to get things rolling over the next 6 months. Eclipses bring rapid change, but we haven’t heard all about it until now Mercury has brought us the bits of information required to move things forward.

At 5:33pm Venus at 12:50 Leo Quincunx Neptune Rx at 12:50 Pisces.

Meeting on the same degree as the Sun Opposed Neptune, there is some connection to what we saw then. Our desires will need to be adjusted to incorporate the insight that we had and in order to create an ease around our fun, romance, creativity and such. If at first you feel inhibited to touch someone, you can likely see what has been holding you back, adjust yourself and go for it. Give them a hug! You both need it!

At 1:05am on Wednesday, the Moon at 12:49 Pisces Conjuncts Neptune at 12:49 Pisces.

Here we will have some intuitive insights into the Full Moon energies and the new directions we may feel to go over the next 2 weeks.

At 3:00am on Wednesday the Moon at 13:53 Pisces Opposes the Sun at 13:53 Virgo creating the Full Moon in Pisces.

We can see how we FEEL about what we SEE at this Full Moon. We can set goals, but they won’t be expressed well for a few more weeks until Mercury arrives here. But Mars in Virgo can help us to take the actions necessary to move towards what we decide at the Full Moon. With both Neptune and Uranus playing a starring role in the Full Moon it can bring about vast change for us if we let it.


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