Mars in Soul Awareness Meets Mercury – Sep 1-3

Snapshot: Just after midnight on Friday our motivations had to be adjusted due to the heartbreak of the last year. By Saturday morning our motivations and actions come from an unexpected place that sets us on a new path. On Sunday morning we can express our adjusted and changed motivations.

I would have written sooner, but these Mars aspects kept me busy shifting things to align with the Solar Eclipse energy.

At 2:02am (EDT) on Friday Mars at 27:22 Leo Quincunx Chiron at 27:22 Pisces.

Here we may have dealt with a bit of pain and a crisis of faith that anything we attempt could work out. Our actions could lead us straight into the pain no matter how carefully we may have wanted to avoid it. We were pursuing fun, but it seemed to come at someone else’s expense. We needed to adjust our pursuits. PS – Mars rules infection and sinuses so this adjustment could have wore us right down and we got a head cold or sinus infection.

At 8:13am on Saturday Mars at 28:10 Leo Trines Uranus at 28:10 Aries.

Now we have Mars on the degree of the Solar Eclipse preparing to meet Mercury, too. But as he reaches this degree, we have lots of awareness around actions to take to put things in place for the ‘fresh start’ of the Solar Eclipse. The Trine made the ‘change’ due to Uranus’ awareness easy to manage. And so we are off on the next phase of this game called ‘life.’

About 6:30pm on Saturday Mercury Rx reaches 28:53 Leo, the exact degree of the Solar Eclipse of Aug 21st. Mercury’s 1st pass to this degree occurred on the evening of Jul 24. There is some revision to what we thought or expressed at that time.

At 5:38am on Sunday Mercury Rx at 28:44 Leo Conjuncts Mars at 28:44 Leo.

Now we have the words flying fast and furious! Isn’t it enough that Mercury has been bottle-necking the ‘fresh start’ of the Solar Eclipse until this weekend, but now Mars is adding real force to the words we exchange. We will be talking about WHAT we are going to DO now with all the new information Mercury’s Rx has brought up to the surface. AND we could find ourselves expressing some Soul Awareness as Mars is fresh off his aspects, and still in orb to both Uranus and Chiron. This powerful energy to kick-start ways to move out of the Heartbreak Transit and onto the new chapter of our lives.

At 8:10pm on Sunday Venus at 10:33 Leo Quintiles Jupiter at 22:33 Libra.

Here we ahve some nice healing around romance and relating-ships. We need to soak all the helpful energy we can get after these last few years. And our desires for fun and romance will be effortlessly supported by an ability to relate to those closest to us.

There is a pregnant pause in the heavens all day Monday as Mercury stops in preparation of his Direct Station at 7:30am at 28:25 Leo.




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