Venus Gets Karmic & Mars Gets Soul-Awareness – Aug 31-Sep 2

Snapshot: Early morning (EDT) on Thursday our desires will need to be adjusted to align with our new spiritual philosophy. By evening there is some magical subconscious desires that can be realized. In between these aspects our communication style will shift from work to fun, fitness to creativity and service to romance.

NOTE: Saturn and Neptune are the 2 Karmic Planets. Chiron and Uranus in aspect bring out Soul-Awareness.

At 5:15am Venus at 6:13 Leo Ses-Squares Saturn at 21:13 Sagittarius.

Venus in Leo is desires for fun and romance. She may be able to turn her creative ideas into resources for herself as well. But if she isn’t applying her new spiritual philosophy to her wants she will have to adjust herself. Is she stealing too much of the limelight? Is she putting her own needs for fun ahead of someone else’s? Is she keeping all of her resources to herself? This is what Saturn is going to challenge here. As well as challenge each of us differently depending on the Houses involved with these 2 degrees (6+ Leo and 21+ Sagittarius). Saturn is just barely moving out of his Direct Station and so the force of focus will be felt strongly. Get clear about your spiritual philosophy. It will need to be global and all-inclusive. It will need to help you resolve the ‘crisis of faith’ we had at the 1st and 2nd Heartbreak Transit (Dec 28 and Apr 30). Venus can bring some healing to you if you feel as though you haven’t had any fun over the last year. But there is an adjustment that will bring about an ease to your Leo desires.

About 12:20pm Mercury Rx ingresses Leo.

Mercury Retrogrades back into Leo to bring forward some new information associated with the Solar Eclipse. Our thoughts and ideas will shift once again to having more fun, which is helpful this close to Labor Day weekend in the US. For the next week, our ‘work’ communications will be placed on hold as our conscious mind is all about fun, entertainment, romance, children and creativity. Mercury will be Retrograding back to 28:25 Leo and exacting with the degree and minute of the Solar Eclipse just before and after his Direct Station on Sep 5th. So for a few days there, we will be talking about the ‘fresh start’ of the Solar Eclipse that we have only ‘seen’ (via Sun and Moon), but not really yet revised our plans for it until Mercury returns to this degree.

At 8:23pm Venus at 6:58 Leo Biquintiles Neptune Rx at 12:58 Pisces.

With the adjustment to Saturn resulting in an ease, this double-magic aspect will only enhance the effortlessness with which we can manifest our desires. There will be no subconscious angst, only a magic carpet feeling that brings you face-to-face with your fun and romantic desires.

At 2:02am on Friday Mars at 27:22 Leo Quincunx Chiron Rx at 27:22 Pisces.

Here our motivations for fun and romance will need to be adjusted to any subconscious feelings of dread or let-down. Chiron in Pisces can bring up feelings of the Universe letting us down, guilt, shame, emotional manipulation, avoiding someone, etc. Mars wants to have fun, but will need to Soulfully adjust himself.

At 8:13am on Saturday Mars at 28:10 Leo Trines Uranus Rx at 28:10 Aries.

Now we get the awareness side of Soul-Awareness that Uranus and Chiron create in aspect to each other. Both Uranus and Chiron have been in a Semi-Sextile for weeks and are still in orb. So Mars is literally rolling through ‘Soul Awareness all day on Friday and Saturday. Pay attention to your actions in order to see the message of the soulful awareness here. Uranus is likely to bring a CHANGE to your actions, though you will have no difficulty in making the change. You will be able to see how this CHANGE suits your Soul’s perspective.

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