Accounting for Our Playful Desires-Aug 28

Snapshot: Early Monday morning (EDT) we will express our desires for fun. By midday, we will adjust our words to create an ease around our intimate partners or financial backers.

At 3:13am Mercury Rx at 2:31 Virgo Semi-Sextiles Venus at 2:31 Leo.

Venus ingressed Leo on Friday night and now we ‘girls just wanna have fun.’ Or we desire romance and entertainment. Venus and Mars are both in Leo now so both our internal male/female energies are in sync and men and women are too. As Mercury makes a minor, but helpful, aspect to Venus we can expect to express our desires for fun. But Mercury in Virgo is likely keeping track of the expenditures at the same time. Which may be a good thing by later in the day.

At 3:38pm Mercury Rx at 2:05 Virgo Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 17:05 Capricorn.

Both Planets are slowing down a bit for their impending Direct Stations. Pluto won’t Station Direct until near the end of Sep, but Mercury will Station Direct on Sep 5th. Still, while he is in Virgo Mercury is mindful of accounting for expenditures. Pluto is the entity likely bankrolling your fun, entertainment or creative venture. As Venus was cooperating with Mercury earlier, he should be in good shape to explain things to Pluto. He will have to adjust his presentation in order to create the ease promised by the Ses-Square on the heels of an adjustment.

Mercury made his 1st Ses-Square to Pluto on Friday morning, Jul 28th at 2:41 Virgo. They are meeting on the same degree today and likely there is a continuation of something expressed at that time and now we will see a revision of what was said as Mercury is now Rx. Mercury’s 3rd Ses-Square to Pluto will occur on Sep 12 at 1:55 Virgo. Pluto will still be Rx. As Pluto is often considered an ‘asshole’, words spoken on these aspects seem to stick with us. It is a great opportunity to view how our conscious mind works, or tricks/trips us up if we let it. Keep in mind we ALL play Pluto to someone else;)

The rest of the week is light on aspects and rather quiet as Mercury won’t make another aspect until Sep 3rd.

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