The Sexes in the Heartbreak Transit – Aug 22/23

Snapshot: Early Tuesday through Thursday morning, our male and female energies will move through the Heartbreak Transit in some helpful and magical ways that are Soulful too.

The aspects occurring from Tuesday to early Thursday (EDT) are very interesting. Our male energies, or men, will make an aspect to both Saturn and Chiron. On its heels, our feminine energies, or women, will aspect the same 2 Planets but the aspects are reversed! Mars is in Leo and Venus is in Cancer. But there is something very special going on here. And these are the first aspects made following the Solar Eclipse where the Eclipse was Quincunx Chiron. We need to make an adjustment to our entertainment, romance and creativity to settle any old 3D angst.

In fact, Mars and Venus are in a Decile aspect to each other over the next few years. A Decile is 36 degrees and is half of a Quintile. This aspect makes us ‘resourceful’ so that we can find ways to merge more easily with members of the opposite sex or to settle our desires and motivations within our own selves.

At 9:21am on Tuesday Mars at 21:11 Leo Trined Saturn Rx at 21:11 Sagittarius.

From this aspect through the weekend Saturn will remain at this exact degree and minute as he prepares to Station Direct at 8:08am (EDT) on Friday, Aug 25th. As this span of non-movement he will be holding the space for the sexes within us and between us to come to grips with some of the angst and pain of the Heartbreak Transit where Saturn Squared Chiron (Dec 28 and Apr 30). They have one final Square on Nov 2nd which should clear the way for the silver-lining to be felt from this pain. But for now, as Mars, which rules our ability to initiate, our passion and our drive, Trines Saturn, we can expect some ease from those who hold some power over us. Mars in Leo is seeking fun and romance, or just casual sex. This Trine will keep any over-doing on Mar’s part in check. We will be aligning our motivations with our new spiritual philosophy, which has been severely tested through the ‘Crisis of Faith’ that has been part of this Heartbreak Transit. Fun here can alleviate any 3D stress.

At 5:36am on Wednesday Mars at 21:44 Leo Biquintiles Chiron Rx at 27:44 Pisces.

Here we have some magical ease from our Soulful subconscious that will allow us to pursue some pleasurably pursuits without all the pain of the last 18 months or more (Karmic Squares with Heartbreak Transit on its heels). Men will be playful and romancing as well as creative and ready for fun with children.

At 3:43pm Venus at 27:11 Cancer Biquintiles Saturn Rx at 21:11 Sagittarius.

Now our love and nurturing ways will align with our new spiritual philosophy to heal some of the ‘Crisis of Faith’ we may have been experiencing since last December. Touch will be healing as will be the desire to share your resources with those in your family, but most likely those who are ‘foreign’ or ‘senior’ to you. See how to nurture those who are not blood, but are deeply connected to you spiritually. Hugs and touch can alleviate any 3D stress.

At 2:00am on Thursday Venus at 27:42 Cancer Trines Chiron Rx at 27:42 Pisces.

Ahhh… it CAN feel this good. Venus is healing energy around touch and love. A Trine is a Transitional aspect that you can move from 3D to 5D energies with a bit of effort and awareness on your part. See if you can leverage this energy to achieve the effortlessness of 5D awareness. Mothers, women and family members can come together without any old Karmic drawbacks. Move into the Soul Awareness promised by the Eclipse in aspect to both Uranus and Chiron!

To make it all the more clear and longer-lasting:

At 11:33am on Thursday Venus at 28:10 Cancer Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 13:10 Pisces.

Here we can adjust our new desires to allow for greater love and touch with others without any subconscious hiccups. You can use your resources and lose the fear of lack with this aspect. Once your adjust your desires and KNOW they can come true, you will be in the ease energy promised here.

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