Prelude to a Solar Eclipse – Aug 20/21

Snapshot: Sunday holds adjusted, Soulful clarity, expansive motivation for fun and some irritating words. But late evening promises some revelations about the ‘fresh start’ of the Eclipse followed by some Soulful desires. The tension builds to the exactness of the Solar Eclipse that brings a ‘fresh start’ for us all in creativity, entertainment, romance and more.

At 12:21pm (EDT) the Sun at 27:50 Leo Quincunx Chiron Rx at 27:50 Pisces.

Here we need to adjust ourselves to be grateful for some of the shame/guilt/despair of the Heartbreak Transits by looking at our children, our fun or our romantic partners. It is all bad out there right now though Chiron in a Quincunx to the Eclipse can make it feel a bit heavy and very Soulful. Stay in gratitude and keep an eye on the experience of it all rather than the expectations of ‘missed goals’ you may have set yourself up for.

At 12:42pm Mars at 20:00 Leo Sextiles Jupiter at 20:00 Libra.

Happening in tandem with the above aspect, it will be easier to stay in gratitude as your relating-ships and romantic-ships are places where things are working easily. Your actions will be expansive and optimistic allowing you to feel passionate about your creative/romantic/entertainment/children issue.

At 6:58pm Mercury Rx at 8:47 Virgo Semi-Squares Venus at 23:47 Cancer.

Here words towards us or from us will express our desires for nurturing. We have already been revising some of our plans and ideas so there could be some irritation when we have to tell those we love what is going on. Mercury has passed through this degree once so what is getting revised relates to events near Aug 1st.

At 2:22am on Monday the Sun at 28:24 Leo Trines Uranus Rx at 28:24 Aries.

This aspect is sure to give you a heads-up around the Eclipse’s energies and what we can expect to set goals for. The revelations may surprise us and thrill us or shock us out of some rut. That is what Uranus is best at: shock and awe change. The Trine will make it easy to integrate and you have been feeling this change coming over the last few days. You may want more freedom to have more. You may change your pursuits to allow more creativity and romance. Watch for the clarity and revelation to guide you through what the next 6 months will be bringing.

The Moon will exact a Trine with Uranus Rx just prior to the Eclipse on Monday afternoon. This Trine, and the Quincunx with Chiron Rx will play a big role in the way the ‘fresh start’ emerges.

At 3:56am on Monday Venus at 24:14 Cancer Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 24:14 Leo.

There is some Soulful desires that can come up in your romantic-ships and/or children/family. Nothing big, but it will be helpful.

At 2:30pm the Moon at 28:53 Leo Conjuncts the Sun creating the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo.

News of the 3D side of this Eclipse (facts, details, maps, etc) are all over media right now. It IS big news in the US as it has been 38 years since the last TOTAL Solar Eclipse here. It is still a Penumbral (partial Eclipse) for those not as close to the arc of the Eclipse. But with BOTH Uranus and Chiron making tight aspects to the Eclipse chart, there is going to be some Soul Awareness coming out of it. There doesn’t need to be a lot of ‘struggle’ as Uranus can provide the awareness necessary to find your freedom without a fight. But we will need to do something about the knawing angst of despair where Chiron is Transiting if he makes hard aspects to our Natal Charts.

For the US, Leo is our 2nd House of earned income in the entertainment industry, our values around fun and children, our beautiful parks and recreation, our sense of fun and humor and our romantic and creative notions. It could be a sort of creative renaissance if we let it. Yes, there may be outward struggle but it is in reaction to the inward Soul Awareness. So channel it with that knowing.

All of these energies are personal and SOME are collective. Uranus is in the Sign of the individual, Aries. Chiron is in the Sign of the collective unconscious. As we each realize our own path to freedom (Uranus in Aries) we will first need to deal with the sucking chest-wound of pain from Chiron in Pisces. Let go of despair and change it up to Soul Awareness and personal freedom. Seeking your own freedom does NOT have to impact those around you, though Uranus DOES rule groups so you may collaborate to create more freedom. You may also strike out on your own showing others the path to freedom without struggle.

People have asked me if I plan to travel to SEE the Eclipse. No. When I first started blogging people would tell me they imagined me star-gazing all night. But, no;) I FEEL the Planets and that is 5D Awareness. Seeing is 3D. But if you are close to the Totality, soak it in with both SEEING and FEELING. That IS what makes it TOTAL. Totality is still relative to your position;)

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