Moving through the Eclipse Wormhole – Aug 9/10

Snapshot: We are in the most intense 2-week window of the Eclipse Wormhole. Tuesday morning we have some Soulful desires. By Wednesday our desires may well change magically. Afernoon brings adjusted clarity to our use of power and adjusted, Soulful motivations.

With the Lunar Eclipse as the only aspect all day on Monday, we are still in the energy of ‘shutting down’ some part of our lives where we have 15+ Aquarius and Leo. This is what will clear the path of the ‘fresh start’ of the Solar Eclipse. The Aug 21st Solar Eclipse is a Total Eclipse crossing from the Northwest corner of the US to the Southeast corner. It is the 1st Total Eclipse across our country in the last 38 years. This Eclipse will more strongly impact North America than Eclipses in between.

As the US is a Cancer Sun country, Leo is our 2nd House of earned income. We are letting go of living as a ‘debtor/8th House’ nation. Entertainment has been a Hallmark of US enterprise. It should only continue to increase in the short term few years of this Eclipse’s affect. It could bring more egos to our ‘stage’, but hopefully more fun as well.

The next 2 weeks will see us moving through ‘rapid change’ to bring the ‘fresh start’ the Solar Eclipse promises. Uranus, and even Saturn still, will be Trine to the Eclipse. Chiron will be Quincunx. But there are still everyday aspects that will bring about the details of this rapid change.

At 8:56am on Tuesday Venus at 9:11 Cancer Semi-Squares the North Node at 24:11 Leo.

This puts Venus in a Ses-Square to the South Node. Irritation can lead to adjustment that leads to ease around our own fun and the need to nurture a group. Venus in Cancer is a desire for things around the home, but the call of fun and entertainment may irritate that desire. Thinking in a more communal sense will create the ease we would like to obtain. At this aspect, Venus is in a Decile aspect to the Sun Eclipse and a Tridecile to the Moon at the time of the Solar Eclipse. As the Nodes of Fate show the Eclipse, there could be some connection to the emotional reset that occurred yesterday.

At 12:11pm on Wednesday Venus at 10:31 Cancer Quintiles Uranus Rx at 28:31 Aries.

Here we have some magical changed desires around home, nurturing and family as well as the area of life where you have 10+ Cancer in your chart by House. This can be love at first sight or a recognition of a Soul that you have known all along. A woman could suddenly show you some affection and nurturing that may surprise you.

At 4:10pm the Sun at 17:25 Leo Quincunx Pluto Rx at 17:25 Capricorn.

Here we have some clarity around our fun and any reaction from those in authority. Or we can see how we are using our own power and it needs to be adjusted in we want to have more fun. You can be the ‘heavy’ with those you love while hoping they will have a good time as the same time.

At 9:21pm Mars at 13:13 Leo Ses-Squares Chiron Rx at 28:13 Pisces.

Mars is nearing a Quincunx to Neptune (that exacts on Wednesday) as he exacts this aspect to Chiron. So our motivations are moving through some Soulful, subconscious adjustments. We need to see something in our subconscious that may be blocking our fun, romance or creativity. What actions can you take with less fear in order to move into more ease? Your actions will show where the block is and, once adjusted, you can move forward again more easily. Overnight Mars will be applying to Neptune as he separates from Chiron. We can use some Soulful understanding to make a subconscious adjustment that lets go of an old fear blocking our path.


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