Soulful, Subconscious Clarity – Aug 5/6

Snapshot: Friday afternoon brings our final push for success. Saturday morning and afternoon we have to clarity to adjust our egos to the subconscious issues.

At 2:38pm on Friday Jupiter at 17:32 Libra Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 17:32 Capricorn.

As I wrote a few days ago, we are using our expanded self of relating to bring about some career or social status goal. There could be some recognition that you have succeeded. Or there may be some frustration that your efforts have been thwarted if you have overdone your negotiating.

At 10:02am on Saturday the Sun at 13:20 Leo Ses-Squares Chiron Rx at 28:20 Pisces.

With the subconscious clarity you receive here, you can adjust your goals, shifting into gratitude in order to move through some Soulful understanding of the pain you have been feeling. Chiron in Pisces is emotional manipulation, guilt shame, avoidance and a desire to leave all this behind because we are so alone. The Sun in this aspect can see how this experience has brought us through some things our Soul desired to see. Practice gratitude and all will move along more easily.

At 5:31pm the Sun at 13:38 Leo Quincunx Neptune Rx at 13:38 Pisces.

Now we can see into some past/other life situation, if we try, to see the patterns of any fear that has been brought out recently. There is just an adjustment we need to make in order to let go of any old patterns that defeat us.

The Sun is essentially in aspect to both Chiron and Neptune all day on Saturday. It is a clarifying time to see how our subconscious, the collective unconscious, or what I consider the repository of human experience or the ‘godhead’, works.

Its an unusual time to have BOTH Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. There is something big going on here. It is the dissolving of some 3D, Age of Pisces ideas, perhaps.

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