Magical Motivations & Jupiter Square Pluto – Aug 1-4

Snapshot: Monday night and Tuesday morning brings some magical motivation for fun, romance and creativity. From Tuesday to Friday, there will be an intensity pushing us to succeed at some new career status.

At 8:34am (EST) on Tuesday Mars at 7:44 Leo Biquintiles Neptune Rx at 13:44 Pisces.

The Sun passed through this same aspect to Neptune on Sunday afternoon at 7:46 Leo. There we had the clarity around some subconscious issue that has been confusing us or causing some fear. The 5D aspect could have cleared it up nicely, but it may yet need some time to SEE the change. Mars in this aspect will have us acting on the clarity without even having to think about it. So your actions will reveal more about the clarity you had on Sunday.

As this aspect separates all day on Tuesday, the 3rd Jupiter Square to Pluto should complete some career moves you have been making.

At 2:48pm on Friday Jupiter at 17:32 Libra Squares Pluto Rx at 17:32 Capricorn.

There has been a push to succeed at some career or social status goal since their 1st Square last November. Now we have the final act of this push. 3D Astrologers might phrase this aspect is ruthlessness and caution you about it. But Pluto has been demoted for a reason… we are less and less in 3D consciousness. So this aspect is the energy needed to succeed in some way. Or to accomplish our philosophical goals in an authoritative way. If you find yourself pushing for some new status over the next week, pay heed to Jupiter in Libra’s expansive diplomacy to secure what you are striving for.

This is the only aspect from Tuesday through Saturday so it has center stage to help you focus on the objective.

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