Soul-Awareness Desires & Subconscious Magic – Jul 30

Snapshot: On Sunday we have our desires to communicate inside the Soul-Awareness aspect. Then subconscious magic and adjusted motivations that create an ease.

At 3:45am Venus at 28:30 Gemini Squares Chiron Rx at 28:30 Pisces.

As Venus can bring healing, this Square doesn’t have to go down hard. AND Uranus and Chiron are still just a minute from their Semi-Sextile that exacted yesterday. So this is really a 3-way aspect of Soul-Awareness of our desires with Venus in the Sign of Gemini ruled by Mercury. So we can communicate our Soulful desires to someone as a means to settle some of the Heartbreak Transit of Saturn Square Chiron (Dec 28 and Apr 30).

At 4:04am Venus at 28:31 Gemini Sextiles Uranus at 28:31 Aries.

This is the inspiration, the revelationg and CHANGE side of this 3-way aspect. You can expect to unexpectedly realize your Soulful desires! Be sure to reach out and TOUCH as you have the opportunity. With Uranus nearly stopped in the heavens, this is a very powerful 3-way aspect you need to CONSCIOUSLY use!! CHANGE! Express your CHANGED DESIRES!

At 2:24pm the Sun at 7:46 Leo Biquintiles Neptune Rx at 13:46 Pisces.

In a 5D/double-magic, we get a chance to SEE into the dissolving that Neptune has been doing in our lives where we have 13+ Pisces. Use the clarity to seek more romance, fun and creativity. Use your subconscious abilities to help you create more of these Leo energies in your life!

On Monday, Mars will exact this same aspect to Neptune bringing you subconscious motivation to pursue the goals you set today.

At 5:49pm Mars at 6:42 Leo Ses-Squares Saturn Rx at 21:42 Sagittarius.

While we KNOW what we want to pursue right now, we need to check in with Saturn to see it if fits our spiritual/global philosophy. Saturn is ‘stop’ to Mar’s ‘go’ energies. But make the adjustment and there is a Karmic ease as Mars aspect BOTH of the Karmic Planets. The Sun is still in orb to both Saturn and Neptune as well. There is MUCH healing going on as we see the ways we create Karma and learn how to choose differently avenues.

We are now about a week from the Lunar Eclipse where we will FEEL what is shutting down in our lives and what new doors will be opening for us at the Solar Eclipse. Mercury’s Retrograde cycle will be there to challenge you to stay in your Higher Mind energies as things shift in your conscious world through the Retrograde. By Sep 5th, when Mercury Stations Direct, we will finally have our Solar Eclipse goals actually fall into place.

Uranus will Station Rx on Aug 3rd which will have us looking at our new awareness in the rear view mirror. Neptune is Rx as well so 2 of our 3 Higher Mind Planets will be retracing some ground. Keep all things in perspective. Linear time is a delusion of the 3D mind. Everything actually occurs in cycles that overlap and intertwine. Roll with it! Don’t try to FIX your conscious reality. The magic is in the unseen becoming seen through use of your Merlin Mind;)


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