Suicide or Life? Ah…Chiron in Pisces/Uranus in Aries – Jul28/29

Snapshot: On Friday morning (EST) we will be adjusting our measured words to more easily satisfy an authority-type. Saturday brings further adjusted ease between our goals for fun and romance and our spiritual/global philosophy. Afternoon brings some Soul Awareness.

At 7:08am on Friday Mercury at 2:41 Virgo Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 17:41 Capricorn.

Mercury in Virgo is more ‘measured’ expression. Virgo is the accountant keeping track of the financial dealings where you are using other people’s money (Pluto) or sharing yourself with them. Consider your words, keep it earthy and practical and an ease will result. You may be able to consider new ways that your authority-type can finance your work/health or fitness activities. Keep in mind, though, that Mercury is in his Shadow Phase and things will likely be revised around Aug 28.

At 12:39pm on Saturday the Sun at 6:45 Leo Ses-Squares Saturn Rx at 21:45 Sagittarius.

This is some clarity on how having more fun or being more creative aligns with your spiritual philosophy. Is it okay to seek the limelight? Is there any benefit to the greater good? Can romance make your more loving towards everyone? Is harder to love one than it is to love all? Are you making plans to take the kids to Disney World but wonder if Disney’s philosophy presents a tolerant global view?

At 2:53pm Uranus at 28:31 Aries Semi-Sextiles Chiron Rx at 28:31 Pisces.

With both Planets Stationing Retrograde at 28+ degrees, they are in orb of this Semi-Sextile for quite a long time. Uranus is Awareness. Chiron is the Soul’s umbilical cord. The Semi-Sextile is minor, but as it is over the Alpha-Omega (beginning and end) of the Zodiac Signs, Pisces and Aries respectively, we are getting some very interesting insights.

While we likely have ALL had thoughts of suicide (it IS the opposite side of the coin from ‘living’), those with Natal Chiron in Pisces or their 12th House may feel this possibility at each of the 4 major aspects of the Chiron to Chiron Transit: Opening Square, Opposition, Closing Square and Chiron Return (around age 50).

Pisces is the Sign where things dissolve and end. Chiron in Pisces is the thought of ending self as Uranus gives awareness of the ‘self’ ruled by Aries. Pisces is deep, hidden energies where any Soul-Level pain can make some want to emotionally manipulate as they fight to keep from dissolving themselves: guilt and shame are just 2 of Chiron Pisces deep, hidden pain.

Conversely, Aries is where everything begins. It is action to BE. It is where our actions create everything else. It is the start of things while Pisces is the end.

With the Eclipses also approaching, Uranus slowing down to Station Retrograde, on Aug 3rd, we are really here to get the message of the difference between BEING in a human body (Aries) and dissolving the self for the vastness of connection to all. Remembering your Soul can cause us to be immobilized for a time as we grapple with HOW and WHY to stay in our human body. What is the purpose? Well, that is what Saturn in Sagittarius is helping us to determine. Saturn has been Square to Chiron and Trine to Uranus. There is HELP in asserting ourselves in human form while avoiding it can bring us into a deep blackhole of self-pity and gloom.

Consider what a ‘game’ life really is and go for the playing it side of things. STAY in your human body by ACTING through it. Get up! BE active! DO! This way you can avoid the misery of surrendering to the dissolution of the structures (Saturn) of our lives. It is WORTH playing here. It IS what your Soul desired… to have this experience.

As Chiron has Transited through Pisces over the last few years, he has Squared Chirons in Gemini and Sagittarius and Opposed Chirons in Virgo. All of these wounding have been hard-hit by his Transit through Pisces. It can cause great depression, which leads to anxiety, in many people. Things can feel hopeless. And the Heartbreak Squares of Saturn and Chiron have been the icing on the cake of grief of Chiron through Pisces.

Before the final Heartbreak Square of Saturn to Chiron on Nov 2nd, be sure to get the message of the 3-way between Saturn, Chiron AND Uranus in 2017.



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