Easy Clarity Around the Heartbreak-Jul 21

Snapshot: Just after midnight on Friday we have some Soulful clarity. Early morning brings Soulful, romantic expression and subconscious clarity.

At 2:25am the Sun at 28:42 Cancer Trines Chiron at 28:42 Pisces.

On Wednesday afternoon the Sun Biquintiled Saturn and now Trines Chiron meeting with both Planets of the Heartbreak Transit. Mercury moved through these aspects on Wednesday, but the aspects were reversed: Trine to Saturn and Biquintile to Chiron. The clarity we have on Wednesday night will show us how nurturing can play a part in healing some of the wounding of the Heartbreak. There is a chance here to experience gratitude for the pain as there is always some silver lining yet to be realized and seen.

At 5:55am Mercury at 24:22 Leo Conjuncts the North Node at 24:22 Leo.

There is some romantic, creative or fun expression here that points to the Soul-Level lesson of the North Node in Leo. It may also begin to reveal some of what the upcoming Eclipses will be about.

At 8:49am the Sun at 28:57 Cancer Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 13:57 Pisces.

An adjustment to any self-protective measures that inhibit our ability to connect with others needs to be made. The resulting ease will help us to move towards great healing.

Saturday there are no aspects between the Transiting Planets and all is quiet as the Moon applies to Conjunct the Sun on Sunday morning creating a New Moon at 0:44 Leo. Our romantic and creative goals will get a fresh start, joining Mars and Mercury in the Sign of Leo.

Venus is bringing up the rear, by Transit as she completes the last decanate of Gemini.

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