Adjusted Desires=Magical Romance – Jul 20

Snapshot: Mid-day on Thursday brings magical clarity around our spiritual philosophies. By evening, if we adjust our desires to communicate to the demands of someone in authority, we will receive some surprising clarity that leads to magical romantic expression from the same authority-type.

At 1:07pm the Sun at 28:10 Cancer Biquintiles Saturn Rx at 22:10 Sagittarius.

Here we have some clarity around the lessons Saturn has been bringing us via the Transit through Sagittarius. In 3D Saturn is Karmic fear. We feel fear around things being pruned back, restricted and limited. But in 5D you understand that what is getting restricted is helping you to channel your efforts in one direction that can bear more fruit down the road. I was really thinking about this the other day as I was pruning back a plant that had been let go and it various branches had very small leaves with nearly dead, empty branches supporting them. In pruning back the plant, big new leaves start to grow near the center of the pot making the entire plant look healthy again. Yes, looking at the empty branches can take a bit of getting used to, but once you KNOW this is the healthiest process for continued growth, you prune with excitement that it will come back better than before. Cancer is a self-protective energy that likes to hunker down at home being shielded from the outside world. Sagittarius loves global things: long distance travel, adventure and foreign locations. It is anything BUT stay-at-home. This magical aspect can give us the clarity to nurture more effectively the pruned back plant of your life where you have Saturn in Sagittarius. For me it is in my 2nd House of earned income, beauty and love, by Sun Sign. And my 7th House of friends, relating-ships by Rising Sign. Yes, I have fewer close friends at the moment, but I am being accountable and response-able to a select few that I will need to grow to my next adventure.

There are 3 aspects in the evening that occur so tightly together in time they must be viewed as a full set of energies.

At 8:16pm Venus at 17:52 Gemini Quincunx Pluto Rx at 17:52 Capricorn.

Adjust your communication and/or desires to communicate in order to continue relating to this someone in authority.

At 8:25pm the Sun at 28:27 Cancer Squares Uranus at 28:27 Aries.

With the magical clarity from Saturn and now the revelation from Uranus, you are sure to change some of your nurturing ideas that will help you better relate to authority types.

At 8:36pm Mercury at 23:52 Leo Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 17:52 Capricorn.

As you use the revelation and clarity, you will find somehow one of you knows just what to say in order to allow some passionate outcome. Either they will underwrite your creative venture or they will want to merge some of themselves with you in order to have more fun. There are many ways this all can play out and the House placement of each Planet in your chart determines WHO the Pluto character is, as well as WHAT you are working to achieve.


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