Mercury Eases thru Heartbreak – Jul 19/20

Snapshot: On Wednesday afternoon our romantic words come easily. By evening our words become Soulful as we can reach some emotional detachment to any outcome. Thursday morning our motivations move from nurturing to having fun.

At 3:16pm on Wednesday Mercury at 22:13 Leo Trines Saturn Rx at 22:13 Sagittarius.

Mercury is moving through the Heartbreak Transit from a position and ease and magic. All day on Wednesday he is aspecting both Saturn and Chiron but in easy ways. The Trine is a transitional Aspect that we can use to move from any 3D angst to 5D effortlessness. Mercury in Leo is romance expression, creative ideas and plans for fun. Here he is being accountable to the global family and the big picture. Yes, he loves you, but he loves all as well. Any Karma is easily resolved for the moment.

At 12:02am on Thursday Mercury at 22:43 Leo Biquintiles Chiron Rx at 28:43 Pisces.

All of the hurt that we felt at the Heartbreak Aspects of Dec 28 and Apr 30 can evaporate as we sit in the knowing space of our Souls with lovely words to express. Things have been easing for most of us as Saturn and Chiron are out of a 3-degree orb, so this only helps us to better understand how Chiron and Saturn work and to accept it all with gratitude. Its a great night to let all of pain be washed away as you pursue some romantic activities with someone special in this 5D/magical aspect. Cinderella, anyone?

At 8:30am on Thursday Mars ingresses Leo and we are ready to act romantically, to create those ideas that have been coming through. We want to be the star of the show and to stay out late having fun. Men will be more playful;) Enjoy the next 6 weeks of this energy.

NOTE: I mixed up the dates for yesterday’s post. It happens;) There is Mercury so far ahead of things right now, though BEHIND the Sun as the Ascendant moves. There is plenty of ideas floating around that may or may not end up being SEEN.

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