Mars Finds Magical Ease thru Heartbreak – Jul 17/18

Snapshot: On Monday morning our desires may have some fear attached to them. By evening, our motivations will magically align with our spiritual philosophy, but on its heels, we need to be mindful of an ‘accident-prone’ energy.

At 10:33am (EST) on Monday Venus at 14:01 Gemini Squares Neptune Rx at 14:01 Pisces.

Here we have some subconscious/Karmic fear around touch, resources and beauty. If you find yourself tripped up in one of these areas, just ride it out. But try to see where the fear was coming from. Venus is in the Sign of ‘duality’ ruled by Mercury. With a Karmic Square involved, there could easily be an ‘other woman’ evoking some subconscious fear. Remember that it is all just an illusion as in 3D we have ‘others’ to contend with… not unlike the show TV, Lost had ‘others’ as well.

Last night Venus Semi-Squared Uranus and awareness from that time may help you through the Square this morning.

From Monday night to Tuesday morning, Mars will aspect the players of the Heartbreak Transit (Saturn and Chiron) and the players of Soul Awareness (Uranus and Chiron).

At 5;44pm Mars at 28:19 Cancer Biquintiles Saturn Rx at 22:19 Sagittarius.

While our desires are getting tripped up in the am, but evening our motivations get a magical lift as we find ways to nurture the global family. If we need to achieve a higher consciousness around family, this is the aspect that will take us there. We may initiate structures to provide for someone we wouldn’t have thought of as family before. Men will also have an easier time with family matters being more philosophical and optimistic in approaching family matters rather than the old-school discipline. Long-distance travel is easy to consider under this aspect as well.

At 9:37pm Mars at 28:25 Cancer Squares Uranus at 28:25 Aries.

While our motivations are working great with the big picture, here we may act so fast on new ideas that we really do run into some sort of ‘accident’. Mars is initiating energy. Uranus is in Mar’s Sign. There is a lot of energy here to ACT before thinking. To ACT fast and to trip as we go. Depending on the Houses where you have Cancer and Aries, you will see how the accident could occur. But KNOWING there is a chance for an accident can go a long ways towards preventing one. You have the opportunity, via awareness (Uranus) to think before you start out of the gate too quickly. So use your awareness. And Uranus is reminding you to keep your own motivations and freedoms intact as you move to nurture your global family.

This all may still go down without a hitch as Mars is making very helpful aspects to both Saturn in Chiron, the Planets of the Heartbreak Transit. They have one more Square on Nov 2nd. Right now they are out of orb so the energies are helping us get over the deep pain of the first 2 Squares. Uranus can provide further awareness to assist us. Remember, being Soul Awarness IS where the pain lessens or ends because you can be grateful for the experience.

At 9:23am on Tuesday, Mars at 28:44 Cancer Trines Chiron Rx at 28:44 Pisces.

Here our motivations work easily with bringing in some Soul Awareness. It will be an easy time to act to bring healing to situations affected by the Heartbreak Transit. If you were feeling guilt, shame, were emotionally manipulation or had a ‘crisis of faith’ through the Squares, your magical motivations, awareness and now Soul perspective, can show you the actions you can take to heal yourself and others. Nurturing is the key today. Keep it global and inclusive.

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