Venus in Magic & Awareness – Jul 15/16

Snapshot: Saturday brings a bit of irritation between motivations and desires. But by afternoon there is magic that carries us into early Sunday. Sunday offers adjusted expressions, Soulful clarity and unexpected desires.

At 1:49pm (EST) on Saturday Venus at 11:55 Gemini Semi-Squares Mars at 26:55 Cancer.

This is our own male/female energies in irritation mode or an irritation between the sexes and our passions and desires. Mars wants to initiate nurturing while Venus is rather fickle and changeable. Not a big deal, just be aware.

At 3:23pm Venus at 11:59 Gemini Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 17:59 Capricorn.

Where nurturing didn’t work earlier, a bit of authority or social status may be just what you desire. Pluto may seduce you with his power and status. And it will work! Effortlessly. If you are sharing resources with some authority, or using their resources you will find it easy to merge your desires with their power play.

At 3:30am on Sunday Venus at 12:33 Gemini Quintiles the North Node at 24:33 Leo.

Now our desires will magically align with the Soul-Level lessons the North Node is bringing. It will be easy to express your romantic desires to someone. So don’t hesitate it. It just might bring you some results that appear out of thin air.

At 3:50pm Mercury at 17:58 Leo Quincunx Pluto Rx at 17:58 Leo.

Our romantic words and entertainment plans will need to adjust to someone in authority or who is underwriting our plans. It is best to see what to adjust and do so. There is no sense arguing with Pluto as he likes to get his own way. He will ensure you are transformed in your thinking. And it will be to your benefit in the long run. So adjust.

At 6:29pm the Sun at 25:34 Cancer Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 24:34 Leo.

The Sun’s clarity here will help us to see how nurturing can play a role in our romantic efforts. And how we can entertain our family without smothering them overly much.

At 9:38pm Venus at 13:24 Gemini Semi-Squares Uranus at 28:24 Aries.

Sunday evening brings some changed and/or unexpected desires around the ways we are communicating. We may find we want to initiate some touch with someone in our local community that surprises us. Or we might want that we want to share some of our resources with another. There can be some irritation, but likely only in the fact that these changes shock us or others around us. There can be some revelation, too, that we need to be mindful of what we desire as reactions from siblings or neighbors may surprise us right back.

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