Magical Expressions, Adjusted Desires-Jul7

Snapshot: We could be up late or early expressing some magical, romantic notions and plans. Morning brings expression of our desires on how to communicate. And by dinnertime (EST) we could be adjusting our spoken desires to better merge with some intimate partner.

At 3:04am Mercury at 2:20 Leo Quintiles Jupiter at 14:20 Libra.

Relating is effortless and well as expressing our romantic feelings for someone. Use this fun energy.

At 9:18am Mercury at 2:48 Leo Sextiles Venus at 2:48 Gemini.

Venus in Gemini is ruled by Mercury so our desires, romance and entertainment are all easily expressed. Or we desire to write poetry for a loved one or even children. You could just as easily hear from an art gallery that they want to display your local work/art.

At 5:39pm Venus at 3:11 Gemini Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 18:11 Capricorn.

Here our desires to talk will be adjusted to better merge ourselves and our finances with another. Pluto’s authority may actually change our speaking style as we try to gauge and anticipate what will help us achieve our desires with them;)

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