Mars Opposite Pluto – Jul 2

Snapshot: Sunday morning we will adjust our expressions as our passion to nurture opposes our desire to merge in powerful ways.

At 7:29am (EST) on Sunday Mercury at 23:16 Cancer Quincunx Saturn Rx at 23:16 Sagittarius.

Here our security concerns meet our need to open to bigger circles of people. Cancer is self-protective, but Sagittarius is trusting of all so there needs to be some adjustment here. Our words will express what needs adjusting.

At 8:02am Mars at 18:19 Cancer Opposes Pluto Rx at 18:19 Capricorn.

Here we have combustible energy that may break through your self-protection and take you into powerful new ways of merging with another. Or you could find that your self-protective actions encounter some issues with authorities. So tread lightly and use the energy to your advantage. You could get some financial backing around home matters. Or you could find that your actions to nurture bring you delicious ways to merge with another.

Depending on the Houses involved here that will determine who you are ‘fighting’ or passionately merging with. See if you know who it is that is in your crosshairs;) Its tied to Mercury’s Opposition to Pluto on Thursday night.

The Opposition is easier than the Square so you can more easily turn this into something worthwhile.


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