High-Minded/5D Day – Jun 25

Snapshot: Just after midnight on Sunday we have some motivational challenges. But by early morning there is some wonderful magical desires and expressions throughout the day. Evening brings a Soulful check to our thoughts and ideas.

At 2:07am Mars at 13:35 Cancer Squares Jupiter at 13:35 Libra.

Here our motivations to nurture family hit a snag with our relating-ships and close friends. Jupiter says, ‘its great that you love family, but the bigger/global perspective is to see EVERYONE as family.’ Don’t be so protective of your family that you exclude someone that needs to be included.

At 5:11am Venus at 19:35 Taurus Biquintiles Jupiter at 13:35 Libra.

Here we have healing around any motivations that exclude. Venus in Taurus allows us to reach out and touch anyone we have hurt. Jupiter is helping us to see how to relate to others as a part of ourselves.

At 7:45pm Mercury at 9:56 Cancer Quintiles Uranus at 27:56 Aries.

Mercury in Cancer can be closed-mouthed about things, but Uranus is going to slacken his jaw so he can express some magical revelations. Whatever you hear, say or write is going to be surprising, but very welcome.

At 11:37pm Mercury at 10:17 Cancer Semi-Squares the North Node at 25:17 Leo.

Maybe a bit of irritation, but a Soulful reminder to keep our entertainment, romance and children in a Soulful, non-possessive grasp. Words here will express this need in some way. If the words feel emotional, that is typical Cancerian energy. Don’t react to it or you lose the entire Soulful lesson available here.

At 2:18am on Monday Mars at 14:15 Cancer Squares Neptune Rx at 14:15 Pisces.

Neptune is newly Rx and covering some old ground. Our motivations to secure what is ‘family’ is going to get a check from some subconscious fears. Whatever you see, just know that you are seeing it in order to release it. Don’t overreact to anything by lashing out defensively.

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