Mercury in Soul Awareness – Jun 20

Snapshot: Tuesday is productive with a tinge of painful expression by evening.

At 4:25am Venus at 14:16 Taurus Sextiles Neptune at 14:16 Pisces.

There is some nice harmony here between our desires and our subconscious. No fears allowed. All goes well.

At 5:30am Mercury at 27:45 Gemini Sextiles Uranus at 27:45 Aries.

Here we have some productive revelation to communicate to others. We are motivated to act and it may just come popping out of our mouths, but it will be helpful.

At 5:01pm Mercury at 28:49 Gemini Squares Chiron at 28:49 Pisces.

Chiron is slowing down ready to Retrograde, but is out of the Square with Saturn except that the Sun and Mercury are closing the gap keeping the memories of the pain and disappointment alive. You will hear some of that expressed today. Be patient and understanding as possible. And when you express the pain, take care to own it Soulfully. Its no one else’s fault;)

At 10:05pm Mars at 10:51 Cancer Semi-Squares the North Node at 25:51 Leo.

Here our motivations may irritate a romantic partner, child or creative collaborator. You may realize that your own motivations to initiate emotion is not really helpful in various other situations.

Wednesday is one of 6 days all year that our conscious mind is in sync with reality. This is a Superior Conjunction of Mercury and the Sun right after each of them ingresses Cancer. As the Sun ingresses Cancer, it brings in the start of the Summer season… the Summer Equinox.

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