Mercury Meets the Merlin Minds

Snapshot: On Monday and Tuesday our conscious mind will aspect our Higher Minds and Soulful Planet/Point. The Merlin Mind is comprised of 3 Higher Mind Planets: Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune. Plus 2 Soulful Points: Chiron and the Nodes of Fate.

At 6:16am on Monday Mercury at 10:42 Gemini Quintiles Chiron at 28:42 Pisces.

This 5D/magical aspect, along with the Soulfulness of Chiron, keeps Mercury into higher elevations of Soul Awareness. Though he may not even realize he is there;) But you can seize the moment and understand some of the Heartbreak Transit operating in your life. Mercury is at home in Gemini so true to his nature. Words that get spoken have a deeper meaning, though that is for you to recognize and use.

At 3:17am on Tuesday Mercury at 12:30 Gemini Semi-Squares Uranus at 27:30 Aries.

There is some irritating words or thoughts that will wake us up to how to better pursue our path to freedom rather than falling into the same Karmic ruts. There is some revelation to be had though you might not want to accept it immediately.

At 11:45am Mercury at 13:15 Gemini Trines Jupiter Rx at 13:15 Libra.

Any irritation that may have occurred earlier may have been lost in the ease of this aspect. We may have wanted to talk and relate all night anyway. This aspect makes that easy to do.

At 8:53pm Mercury at 14:02 Gemini Quintiles the North Node at 26:02 Leo.

Mercury can be Soulfully playful here and quite the romancer. He won’t believe his great success or some he makes a partner or child feel so magically wonderful. It can also simply be that you see how to do this lesson of the North Node in Leo. You can speak about what it is bringing up for you. You could have some very creative ideas pop into your head.

At 11:29pm Mercury at 14:16 Gemini Squares Neptune at 14:16 Pisces.

In spite of all of the wonderful aspects, there may still be some subconscious fear that gets spoken that unravels it all here. Check yourself. Can you actually BELIEVE you can be so happy? That is the challenge of the Square. You may speak your fear before you realized it was there. Don’t sweat it. You have to SEE it, or SPEAK it in order to let it go. Do your best to release it.

There are no aspects on Wednesday.


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