Full Moon in Sagittarius – Jun 9

Snapshot: Friday morning has several aspects occurring with the Moon exacting the Opposition to the Sun, the Full Moon. Emotions may be high, but they are philosophical as well.

At 7:56am the Sun at 18:50 Gemini Quincunx Pluto Rx at 18:50 Capricorn.

Here we have clear communications with those we are intimate with or those who provide us use of their resources or other authority types. We can see clearly what they are expecting from us in return. There is an adjustment that needs to be made. It is likely related to the Biquintile (double magic) aspect made between Sun and Pluto on Jun 3rd. The last week has shown us where to make our adjustment. Now is the time. Be sure to apply integrity to your merging of yourself and resources of others.

At 9:10am the Moon at 18:53 Sagittarius Opposes the Sun at 18:53 Gemini.

This the Full Moon which is the emotional climax of the ‘month’ around all issues of Gemini and Sagittarius: local vs. global, early childhood learning (Kindergarten) vs. higher learning (college), information vs. philosophy, Karma vs. acceptance, local travel vs. long distance travel, siblings/neighbors vs. foreigners, small town vs. city. What fresh start did you have in this area at the New Moon on Mar 25? You are now able to see some of the wisdom of Sagittarius applied to your smaller minded Gemini plans and ideas. Will the way you communicate take on a wiser perspective? Can you be more forgiving?

At 10:02am Jupiter Stations Direct at 13:13 Libra.

Since Feb 6, Jupiter has been retracing the degrees of Libra between 13:13 to 23:08. Now he will resume Direct motion and cross these same degrees for the 3rd time. As he Stations, his energy is very focused on getting us to heed his philosophical stance on ‘relating.’ Baby Boomers have enjoyed this year as it expanded their feelings as he was Conjunct their Natal Neptune cushioning some of the blow of Pluto’s Square to their Neptunes. But it is time to leave the ‘everyone should marry once for life’ ideal of the Baby Boomers. Can we see our ‘relationships’ as mirrors of ourselves? That would be Jupiter’s big picture understanding of the Symmetry of our Universe. You are playing with energy. Should we fix ourselves so tightly to such a limiting focus? Relating in general is what Jupiter wants us to learn. As we realize we are playing in a Hall of Mirrors, can we better learn to accept everything each mirror shows us and take it in without Karmic judgement? Gemini is duality which is where all Karma takes root. Sagittarius is where we see the duality as a WHOLE of ourselves and can embrace the polarity reconciling it. Get the lesson as Jupiter resumes his Transit through Libra from now until October.

At 11:41am Venus at 3:18 Taurus Sextiles Mars at 3:18 Cancer.

This will assist us in the ‘relating’ portion as both our male and female energies are working productively with each other. Mars in Cancer can be some angry emotions, but Venus can soothe that beast with a batting of her lashes or a warm touch. Mars wants to remodel the house, get the family together by force if necessary. But Venus can restrain him with her feminine wiles. If the battle is internal, it is safe to say that you will make peace for the moment.

The rest of the weekend is quiet. Monday and Tuesday belongs to Mercury in Gemini speaking his mind. The Higher Mind and Soulful Planets and Points he will aspect will help him find some ‘heart’ to go with his ‘rationalizing.’



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