Inspired Fun & Energy Shifts – Jun 6

Snapshot: Late Monday night/early Tuesday we will have some inspiration around new ways to have fun, romance and to be more creative. Then 2 Personal Planets change Signs bringing us energy shifts.

At 3:21am (EST) Uranus at 27:14 Aries Trines the North Node at 27:14 Leo.

Personal awareness on how to do more of our own thing. How to be the center of attention and enjoy it. How to have more fun with your kids. Or inspired creativity. And some romantic interludes. Uranus is still in orb of a Trine with Saturn so there is some easy energy across the Fire Signs to change up the status quo, but to also keep things in perspective.

At 3:30am Venus ingresses Taurus.

Now she is in the Sign she rules and feeling very feminine, beautiful and bountiful. She is ready to reach out and touch and be touched. We can expect there to be more beauty and grace to our desires. Quite a change from the Aries aggressiveness and initiation. Venus likes to attract via her beauty. She lets them come to her. No chasing for this girl;)

At 6:20pm Mercury ingresses Gemini.

Mercury rules Gemini is well so he will be acting more like himself with less flowery speech. He will be all about the facts and figures rather than counting his money as he did in Taurus. We can expect our local communication and activities to pick up as he has us communing with siblings, cousins, classmates and neighbors. He is lightning quick on the texting now so be prepared to hear a bit more spoken from everyone.

Mercury makes the next 3 aspects on Wednesday and Thursday:

At 10:54am on Wednesday Mercury at 1:17 Gemini Semi-Sextiles Venus at 1:17 Taurus.

This is the first aspect for both Planets in their own Signs now. This is a bit more like when Mercury was Transiting in Taurus, but he will still be a bit more chatty here. Do you have the money you need to attend all the great events your community has going on this summer? Do you want to sign a contract to earn some new resources? Are you going to take part in a neighborhood beautification project? Or just pimp out your ride?

At 12:05am on Thursday Mercury at 2:19 Gemini Semi-Sextiles Mars at 2:19 Cancer.

Mars ingressed Cancer on Sunday and is making headway through the emotional Sign initating family reunions, yardwork, remodeling projects around the house. As he meets with Mercury, he may be needing to get his siblings or neighbors to agree to his permit for this work. Or they can plan the invites for the reunion together.

At 7:22pm Mercury at 3:51 Gemini Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 18:51 Capricorn.

With an adjustment there will be ease in our communication with authority and financial types. The money we need for the home project could be made available, but those backers may have a few requirements of their own to stipulate.

By Friday morning, the Sun makes an adjustment to Pluto, the Moon is Full and Jupiter Stations Direct. Things are happening.


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