Sun in Gemini & Irritating Words-May 21

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Snapshot: Mid-afternoon Saturday began a 30-day window of clarity around communication, ideas, transportation needs, siblings, neighborhood and early childhood learning. On Sunday afternoon we have some irritating aggressive communication.

At 4:30pm on Saturday the Sun ingressed Gemini.

Now we begin to see how this cycle is developing in terms of ideas, communications, contracts and agreements reached. We are verbalizing our goals for all to see. Is it any wonder that graduations occur en mass at this this time of year? Graduates will be stating their goals and moving forward towards them. To aid in this further, we will have the New Moon on Mar 25th at 4:47 Gemini. It is the perfect time to set new goals as your emotions are aligned with your ego. Or your public life is in sync with your private, emotional life.

At 3:32pm on Sunday Mercury at 5:44 Taurus Semi-Squares Mars at 20:44 Gemini.

There may be some irritation, but there is also some communication that expresses our motivations. Mercury rules Gemini and Mars at this time. So USE any irritation to take time to get straight about communications and ideas that the Sun needs to clarify for both parties. We are planning community events here. We are planning our summer jobs/vacations and the transportation we require to get there. On May 29 Mars will Oppose Saturn Rx in Sagittarius challenging us to see how effective our planning has been around vacations. So use today to plan to apply resources you have to your motivational plans for this summer.

The skies are quiet until Wednesday evening. However, you likely have some aspect to your own Natal Planets. If you would like a 3-month Personal Transit Report, please plan that out today so I can plan my monthly workload;) I do include some Soulful/5D points that will help you better understand these energies in your life… Your Merlin Mind.  Ordering right now takes you through the August Eclipses so you will see what is ending and what is beginning sooner rather than later. What we don’t have awareness around happens as ‘fate.’ But with awareness we can accept it all Soulfully as we move through it.

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