Latitude Adjustment – May 17/18

S napshot: Early Wednesday we have 2 aspects that provide clarity and an adjustment to our subconscious to allow for better relating.

At 1:29am (EST) the Sun at 26:30 Taurus Quincunx Saturn Rx at 26:30 Sagittarius.

Here the Sun makes the 3rd aspect of the week to Outer Planets. We have clarity around our values, desires, resources, love and beauty. But it is adjusted to our big picture philosophy with this aspect. Does having more bring us any greater happiness? That is a good question for Tuesday evening.

At 4:37am Jupiter Rx at 14:01 Libra Quincunx Neptune at 14:01 Pisces.

These 2 Planets create escapism tendencies, excessive drinking/drugging, from overwhelming subconscious energies. There is an adjustment here that may help you let go of subconscious fears that inhibit your ability to relate to others. What is keeping you from embracing those who may be different from you in a relating-ship? These subconscious blocks can be seen here and overcome. But it requires an adjustment.

At 4:06pm on Thursday the Sun at 28:03 Taurus Sextiles Chiron at 28:03 Pisces.

Gratitude for any recent feelings of guilt, shame or emotional anguish will help you to set new goals for valuing things in a new way…. a more Soulful way. Taurus energy can be too possessive in a lower vibration. Can you see the beauty in loving without expectation? Can you see that love is really just Soul Awareness? Stay in gratitude and see how wealthy you really are? These human experiences are the wealth of the Soul.

We have 7 aspects on Friday and all of these energies are building over Wednesday and Thursday. What the synergy of them all will bring is like a Cosmic Wild Card 😉 Try to use your Merlin Mind to take the Saturn Trine to Uranus into the transitional vibe that it can be to bring you into the magic of 5D ‘miracles.’

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