Mars Irritates Uranus…Oops! – May 6

Snapshot: On Saturday night we will have some revelation around our motivations for personal freedom and our local community/communications.

Over the last few days, I missed writing about 3 aspects that played strongly in my own chart. Here they are:

At 8:09pm on Thursday Mercury at 24:20 Aries Semi-Squared Mars at 9:20 Gemini.

Some final word (Mercury is now Direct) on our personal motivations and our motivations to travel out and about the local community, visit with neighbors, siblings, etc.

At 2:27am on Friday Mars at 9:31 Gemini Quintiled Chiron at 27:31 Pisces.

Here we had some magical ease between our subconscious and our motivations to be active in our community. Men may have been prominent in this aspect for you.

At 3:59am on Friday the Sun at 15:01 Taurus Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 15:01 Libra.

We our clarity around our own resources, beauty and values were adjusted to align with our relating-ship philosophy.

The next aspect is up ahead of us rather than behind.

At 9:54pm on Saturday Mars at 10:45 Gemini Semi-Squares Uranus at 25:45 Aries.

Here our motivations around communicating within our local community, or driving all around meets with a bit of revelatory irritation that wants us to CHANGE something in our motivations. Uranus is always a helpful energy to shake us out of any rut. He likely wants you to change some of your actions within your community and communications to allow you more personal freedom.

Mars rules Uranus here so both Planets still share some harmonic energies which will assist you in making the required CHANGE. Change irritates 😉 These 2 Planets in a hard aspect can also create accidents which FORCE the change and the awareness. Try to receive the awareness before that happens.

We have no more aspects for the next couple of days. Early Tuesday Venus Biquintiles the True North Node just before it ingresses Leo for the next 18 months.

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