Our ‘Crisis of Faith’ gets Clarified – May 2

Snapshot: On Tuesday we will have some clarity around our desires and how they relate to the Heartbreak Transit that addresses our ‘Crisis of Faith.’

At 7:19am (EST) the Sun at 12:15 Taurus Ses-Squares Saturn Rx at 27:15 Sagittarius.

Here we have to make an adjustment that results in an ease. What is getting adjusted is our spiritual philosophy in relation to our values, desires, resources. The Sun is bringing clarity to our new annual cycle and helping us see the new values we are bringing to the table. Saturn is reviewing the structures of our global/spiritual/philosophical beliefs. Does our philosophy hold water? Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Venus rules Taurus. Jupiter and Venus are the 2 Healing Planets. There is some helpful energy here. AND they together make us feel fortunate, valued and blessed abundantly. So adjust your challenged philosophy to match your new values and let the optimism replace any pain over the weekend.

At 10:57am the Sun at 12:24 Taurus Semi-Squares Chiron at 27:24 Pisces.

While there is some irritation with this end of the 3-way aspect, the Sun allows you to see how any wounding pain has really made you who you are. With this clarity, you can go into gratitude and ‘use’ the energy to see the new directions you are going with this experience under your belt. The Sun aspecting Pisces’ energies brings us clarity into the hidden side of things, too, so we can get a better grip on how we have been undoing ourselves with a ‘crisis of faith.’

The rest of Tuesday offers a change for some 5D magical relief as the next aspect builds:

At 7:22am on Wednesday, Jupiter Rx at 15:12 Libra Quintiles Saturn at 27:12 Sagittarius.

This aspect will allow us the chance to relate our tested philosophy to others. We can initiate structures to support our ‘beliefs’ with renewed optimism. It will be easy to feel that the Heartbreak Transit has served some purpose and we can see the silver-lining in the way we get along with others who are like us or worlds apart from us.


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