Adjusted Motives, Revelation & NN in Leo – Apr 27/8

Snapshot: Thursday we will have to adjust our motivations to suit a benefactor or intimate partner. Friday morning brings motivated desires we can act on and unexpected/surprising communications.

At 3:01pm  (EST) Mars at 4:23 Gemini Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 19:23 Capricorn.

Here our motivations to cruise around town, initiate gossip or other small town pursuits needs to be adjusted with those who have some power over us, back our efforts, are our intimate partners or initiate structures for us. For instance, you find yourself driving all over the place when some father-like authority, lover or financial backer waves the credit card bill in front of your face. Ah… yes, I have been going, going, going lately. I’ll do my best to slow it down, but can you loan me another fiver?

At 8:30am on Friday morning, the Mean North Node ingresses Leo.

The Mean Node is a measurement that averages out the wobble of the Moon to the Sun which creates the measurement of the Nodes of Fate (North and South Nodes). The True North Node (which I write about more often) takes into account the wobble and can Retrograde back and forth. It will be a few more days, around May 10th, before the True North Node ingresses Leo. I sometimes find the Mean Node to be at play more than the True Node so I will let you decide when you feel the shift. The Nodes of Fate show us the focus of the Eclipses and the axis along which they occur. AND they bring us Soul-Level lessons for that Sign’s energies. We have nearly, completely (if anything is EVER complete;) wrapped-up the Virgo/Pisces lessons for the next 9 years. We should have a better understanding of how we externalize our subconscious mind via our Virgo reality: work, health, fitness, service, duty, etc.

As the North Node ingresses Leo we can expect to focus more on creativity, children, romance and entertainment from a Soulful perspective. We will be ‘letting go’ of some Aquarian areas as the South Node Transits there. I’ve already left Facebook for the most part and expect there will be more of us doing so. It will be a ‘drain’ to maintain our interaction with groups as we each seek our own fun and limelight (Leo). But let’s see which Node we feel more as well. Please comment if you notice the shift from the Mean Node over this weekend.

At 9:30am Venus ingresses Aries… again.

We can expect to act on our new, revised desires! Finally, they might actually be more in line with what we really wanted.

At 10:49am Mercury Rx at 25:16 Aries Conjuncts Uranus at 25:16 Aries.

This aspect could have kept us up all night providing some revelations. And all day Thursday we may have had some crazy flashes and ideas come flying into our heads, but by Friday morning, we are likely to begin expressing these new ideas. They are somewhat revised from Mercury’s 1st Conjunction to Uranus on Mar 26th. Since that 1st pass, Mercury has met again with the Sun on Apr 20th bringing our thoughts, words and ideas more in sync with reality. So this pass to Uranus will point out some of the changes we need to make now to our motivations. Mercury will make one final Conjunction to Uranus on May 10th and this will seal the deal for making plans for our path forward… at least for the next few months before Mercury gets ahead of himself again. Stay with the revelation of this aspect as that will see you through the entire next year. Uranus is now in new territory for this annual cycle and we are receiving inspiring flashes for what is up ahead.

Remember: Uranus rules Awareness and Change, because Awareness Changes EVERYTHING!


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