Mercury ReTraces his Steps-Apr 23/4

This weekend Mercury has reconnected to Personal Planets and Outer Planets as our thoughts, ideas and plans get revised.

At 5:38pm on Saturday Mercury Rx at 28:29 Aries Semi-Squared Neptune at 13:29 Pisces.

Here there was likely a bit of irritation as Mercury tried to realign to our collective reality. Our personal motivations were the subject of this aspect.

At 4:22am on Sunday morning Mars at 1:19 Gemini Ses-Squared Jupiter Rx at 16:19 Libra.

Our motivations to communicate with our siblings, cousins, neighbors or classmates needed to adjust to our new philosophy of relating.

At 10:02am Mars at 1:29 Gemini Squared the North Node at 1:29 Virgo.

Our motivations encountered the Nodes of Fate as we decided how to manage our subconscious fears and manifest the best of our new work/health/fitness ethic.

At 4:14am on Monday morning Mercury Rx at 27:32 Aries Trines Saturn Rx at 27:32 Sagittarius.

Here we can express some good things that Saturn has been accomplishing as he holds us accountable to our spiritual philosophy and global view. Mercury’s forceful communication in Aries will be just the right measure as he Trines Saturn. But these words are likely to reveal a bit of what the ‘Crisis of Faith’ is about for each of us as Mercury connects to both Saturn and Chiron 6 days before their 2nd exact Square.

At 11:28pm Mercury Rx at 27:02 Aries Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 27:02 Pisces.

Here the words of our own lack of faith can be revealed around the actions we are taking. Mercury is connecting to a Soul-Level point and able to express things he himself may not fully comprehend. But pay attention and you will see a path out of the faith being expressed on Monday night.

The rest of this week is fairly quiet as we build to the 2nd Square of Saturn to Chiron. No more aspects are made until Thursday when Mars Ses-Squares Pluto. On Friday Venus ingresses Aries just before Mercury Rx exacts his Conjunction with Uranus. Saturday night Venus Quincunx the North Node and before dinner on Sunday Saturn Squares Chiron. Thankfully Venus Quintiles Pluto on Monday morning offering a bit of healing in some other area of life.

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