Minor Clarifying Work – Apr 21

Snapshot: Thursday night brings some minor aggressive words around our motivations to acquire. In the middle of the night (EST) our motivations shift from acquiring to talking and driving. By morning we get Soulful clarity around our resources derived from our new work ethic and our philosophy of relating. There is some deep issue coming up subconsciously that is a prelim to the next Saturn Square to Chiron.

At 10:00pm on Thursday night Mercury Rx at 29:45 Aries Semi-Sextiles Mars at 29:45 Taurus.

This is Mars last aspect before he ingresses Gemini just around 1:30am and it is Mercury’s first aspect upon reentering Aries. This means it is the last word on our motivations to acquire before Mars is ruled by Mercury as he ingresses Gemini. Mercury in Aries is ruled by Mars. So there is lots of personal energies going on here. Mercury was last at 29+ Aries on Mar 31st. He will return to this degree one more time on May 15th. But gets said is something about our motivations to acquire. Your plans may be changing, but your motivations are not.

At 6:57am the Sun at 1:32 Taurus Trines the North Node at 1:32 Virgo.

Here we have clarity around how our resources are derived from the way we work/serve or pursue our fitness/health goals. It may bring you back to words spoke on Tuesday morning when Mercury made the same aspect. We are nearing the end of our Virgo North Node lessons so the clarity today is significant.

At 7:08am Venus at 27:36 Pisces Squares Saturn Rx at 27:36 Sagittarius.

Venus just passed 27:18 Pisces on Wednesday, the point where Chiron will be when Saturn Squares Chiron for the 2nd time. Venus is separating from that degree and minute, but Saturn is still applying. If there is a legal, philosophical or global issue brewing that you need to let the air out of, use this Square with Venus to try some healing touch. Seek the healing side of what is ahead by also being accountable to your higher consciousness philosophy.

At 11:02am Jupiter Rx at 16:32 Libra Semi-Squares the North Node at 1:32 Virgo.

On the exact same degree and minute of the Sun’s Trine to the NN, this Semi-Square should not be irritating at all, but rather helpful. How can better relating create a work environment that helps you achieve your financial desires?

A good point to wrap-up the workweek and prepare for the mini-vacay that Jupiter is so fond of.

NOTE: Some days are more ‘fun’ to write about than others πŸ˜‰ But the minor aspects shed light on the bigger ones and so it all needs to be noted.

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  1. Sorry one more thing. I saw jeff on Monday afternoon but never heard from him since. With the post u wrote yesterday about all of that mercury/sun stuff & goals.. Does thst mean i am not on his agenda for.the next 160 days? Thank u. Jen


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