Healing Venus, Inferior Conjunction & Pluto Rx – Apr 19&20

At 5:56am on Wednesday (EST) We have the Quarter Moon at 27:32 Capricorn and Aries.

Not a real strong energy, but one that shows us something of the monthly Aries cycle from New Moon in Aries, Full Moon in Libra and Quarter Moon in Capricorn. We may have felt on Monday evening some of the Grand Cardinal Cross energies from the viewpoint of Pluto in Capricorn.

At 5:30pm we have an interesting combination of energies, though no exact aspects.

The Sun ingresses Taurus which will soon bring our monthly cycle for planting seeds in the ‘ground.’ Taurus is Fixed Earth and grows beautiful and bountiful things. Over the next month we will get clear about our goals for acquiring resources, solidifying our values and creating beauty through a loving touch. This puts the Sun under the rulership of Venus. The Sun is still in orb, though separating, of a Semi-Sextile to Venus.

Venus in Pisces reaches the exact degree and minute of the upcoming Saturn/Chiron Square which will occur at 27:18 Sagittarius/Pisces on Apr 30. Looking at the chart from Cheboygan, MI (or the East Coast of the US), the Ascendant at 5:30pm is at 27:08 Virgo, putting Venus exactly on the DSC of the chart and Saturn Conjunct the Imum Coeli (Opposite the Midheaven, which Saturn rules). The energy of the chart near this precise time will bring up the Saturn/Chiron Square with some healing available from Venus. See if you can use this energy to help you prepare for the upcoming Square.

But the other building energy is that the Sun is nearing the Inferior Conjunction with Mercury. All day on Wednesday and Thursday we will be hearing, speaking, writing, sending money and/or signing contracts that show our next 160-day goals. Goals are really a misnomer in 5D Astrology as we are merely getting clear about what the cycle has in store for us.

At 1:54am on Thursday Mercury Rx at 0:20 Taurus Conjuncts the Sun at 0:20 Taurus.

One of 6 (usually) days each year where our conscious/vanity mind, Mercury, is in sync with our real time as set by the Sun. Mercury has an opportunity here to pick up on what the Sun has planned and to begin to seed ideas that follow that course. As Mercury separates from the Sun, especially in a Rx motion, we have to go on ‘faith’ so to speak as Mercury is looking in the rearview mirror behind our current reality.

The further Mercury is from the Sun, the less reliable he is. And this is the folly of all 3D reality. Shakespeare captured it very poignantly in all of his works;) Ah.. the tragedies of it all!

And by the time you wake up Thursday morning (EST), Mercury will be back in Aries going over the ground he covered from (roughly) Mar 27-31. See what revisions to your plans you make, but keep in mind Mercury’s vanity.

A quasi-cousin who I have done many Readings for over the last few years, tagged me in a FB post from an ‘Astrology’ person that said with so many Rx Planets in April it would be like ‘insanity!’ She asked me if this was 5D Astrology. I responded with ‘no’.

In 5D Awareness/Astrology you know not to follow your Mercury mind, but rather to track with your Higher Mind Planets which allow you to flow with the real course of things and to use the magical/5D aspects when they come along. Mercury’s ‘vanity’ IS the INSANITY of all 3D reality.

So stay in your Merlin Mind and you will sail through the interesting shifts and SEE the magic of experiencing some ‘return’ ideas with new insight. Right now Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are Rx.

But Pluto has been at 19:24 Capricorn for about 3 days now in preparation for his Retrograde Station.

At 8:47am on Pluto at 19:24 Capricorn Stations Retrograde.

If someone has been Pluto in your life, their power will be waning a bit as he Rx from now until Sep 29 when he will Station Direct at 16:51 Capricorn.

Don’t forget that YOU have been Pluto to someone else. That is just how the energies play out. So your power will wane a bit and you may enjoy better situations with those who have felt you were oppressing them or overstepping your authority in some way. For instance, Pluto is Transiting my 3rd House by Sun Sign and no matter HOW much I didn’t mean to SAY things as strongly as they HEARD them, there is nothing I can do to change THEIR response to the energies. Though I don’t have to take the bait of their strong response. I just shrug and think, ‘Well, that’s Pluto for ya.”

But another really great part of this 27-hour window of time is that Mercury and the Sun will be aspecting Pluto as he Stations in a BiSeptile aspect. Mercury Rx first and then the Sun. I don’t have time to figure the exact times for you, but it will all be lost in the combined energies anyway. Bottom line is that a BiSeptile is a rather joyful aspect that tends to feel fated from within the collective will, so to speak. It can feel inevitable. So as the Inferior Conjunction is exacting and Pluto Stations, they are making a 7th-Harmonic aspect to each other. It should be a helpful aspect that brings about decisions we have been waiting for in some deeper space within us our consciousness.

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