Full Moon in Libra – Apr 11

Snapshot: Very early Tuesday morning we reach the annual emotional peak between our own motivations and our relating with friends and partners.

At 2:08am on Tuesday the Moon at 22:33 Libra Opposes the Sun at 22:33 Aries.

Monday evening the Moon moves into the Grand Cardinal Cross from the position Conjunct Jupiter. The Sun is nearing the Conjunction with Eris and Uranus in Aries which will occur on Friday night (EST). But they are activating some potential unexpected good fortune as they are in orb to Jupiter and Uranus during the Full Moon.

How you feel about some relating-ship is sure to be up for question. Your emotions will be in contrast to your personal goals creating the fevered pitch that Full Moons are known for. The Vernal Equinox on Mar 28th was the start of this monthly cycle with the Sun and Moon. We are halfway through the cycle and need to see which way things are moving at this point.

It is an interesting time with Venus, which rules Libra, Rx along with Mercury, another Personal Planet, and both Interpersonal Planets, Jupiter and Saturn, Rx as well. Much relating is up for review, but Jupiter and Uranus involved in the Full Moon will bring us above the fray and help us orient to the ways we can balance our own awareness with the need to relate.

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