Soulful & Higher Mind Clarity-Apr 7

Snapshot: Early Friday we get some clarity around our new work ethic. By dinnertime we will also have some ideas of how to balance our own drive with our relating-ship needs.

At 2:11am the Sun at 17:40 Aries Ses-Squares the North Node at 2:40 Virgo.

Whether on Thursday night or Friday morning, you will have some clearer goals on what you need to adjust to create an ease with your new ‘work/service/health/duty ethic.’ With the Eclipses across the Virgo/Pisces axis, we have all gone through jobs that we ‘hated’ because we got into them for the wrong kind of 3D reasons of the Baby-Boomer’s. But the North Node in Virgo has challenged us for nearly 18 months now to develop new ways of structuring our daily activities that better align with all of the Planetary Transits of this era. There is something to be seen here, adjusted and then relaxed into.

At 4:39pm the Sun at 18:15 Aries Opposes Jupiter Rx at 18:15 Libra.

How do your personal goals and motivations contrast with or complement your relating-ship philosophy? Jupiter in Libra is Transiting Conjunct the Neptune of the Baby-Boomers giving them the grace necessary to review their ‘ideal’ of ‘everyone should marry once for life.’ The Sun in Aries is certainly going to challenge that ideal as all the Planets in Aries will do. But Jupiter is providing them a bit of protection as their shared reality is transformed by Pluto Transiting Capricorn and shook up by Uranus Transiting Aries. The Sun is approaching Uranus and has already met 2 of the 5 players in the Grand Cardinal Cross. Friday is a day to see clearly what Uranus’ awareness over the last 2 years has been showing us and how it contrasts or complements our new relating-ship philosophy.

We haven’t heard the last of this Opposition as the Full Moon will across the Aries/Libra axis early Tuesday morning with the Moon Conjunct Jupiter and the Sun Conjunct Eris and Uranus.

There is much to be seen here as Uranus continues to Oppose the Neptune of the Baby-Boomers (in Libra) as well. Can you see how ‘generational shifts’ come about? Its all a part of the timing of the Planets as they move through continually changing the energies we are working with.

And in line with this, it has been some time since I’ve written about the 2-year window of ‘Vast, Transformational Change’ of the early 20-somethings! Pluto is right now Conjunct the tighest orb of this age groups’ Natal Uranus/Neptune Conjunction in Capricorn. As the Grand Cardinal Cross has Eris, Uranus, Vesta and Jupiter also aspecting their Natal Higher Minds Planets (Uranus/Neptune Conjunction) they are undergoing MORE than ‘Vast (Neptune), Transformational (Pluto) Change (Uranus)’ to our public structures (Capricorn), they are also working and cooperating as diplomatically as possible (Jupiter) with their grandparents (the Boomers) while being mindful of the need for nurturing (Vesta) of the family of man.

This age group hasn’t really come into the full realization of their shared consciousness (Neptune) reality, but they are forming it NOW.

The Grand Cardinal Cross is preparing ALL of us to embrace this shift in our shared reality to include their ideal. And so the Galaxy spins;)

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