5D/Merlin Grand Mutable Cross-Apr 3

Snapshot: Around noon (EST) on Monday, we can expect to hear some Soulful words, or deliver them, that express our new ‘work ethic.’

At 12:23pm Mercury at 2:36 Taurus Trines the North Node at 2:36 Virgo.

There is bound to be something dealing with our own resources and our new work/service ethic. As the Nodes of Fate wrap up their 18 month Transit along the Virgo/Pisces axis, we should have a 5D/Soulful perspective of how we externalize our subconscious into our everyday activities of ‘work/service/health/fitness/duty.’ It will be good to hear what gets expressed.

But the bigger picture here is that there is a 5D Grand Mutable Cross formed by the Nodes of Fate as 2 of the corners and Eros, who just slipped into Gemini overnight Opposing and Sapphos and Black Moon Lillith at 0 and 5 degrees of Sagittarius respectively. We really could throw in Psyche at 7+ Virgo, Conjunct the North Node, as this is a great amount of 5D energy in aspect in the Mutable Signs.

Transiting Eros in Taurus was bringing up desires to touch and be touch in very earthy and tangible, perhaps even possessive ways. Especially while aspecting key Planets or Points in your Natal Chart. However, now in Gemini, Eros is far more fickle and changeable as all the Mutable Signs are.

Sapphos creates some yearning at times and same-sex type longings. BML in Sagittarius is giving us each the Superhero Power to see the big, cosmological picture. Psyche in Virgo has our Soul-mind focused on our service and daily tasks.

This is quite subtle energies, but something to pay attention to in order to better understand 5D awareness. It may be a great time for people to begin communicating again that lost this contact during the Karmic Squares of Saturn to Neptune Square the Nodes of Fate 3 of the Mutable Signs. There was quite a bit of depression last year as these Squares poured the hard energy into Gemini. Saturn still Transiting Opposite to Gemini has continued to challenge communication.

With Eros now in Gemini, we will desire to talk and to listen, hopefully. We will want to communicate in very deep ways though we may be communicating erotically with more than one person at the same time… Gemini Twins;)

Eros Opposite Sapphos is going to be interesting to watch. And throw in BML and Psyche and the Nodes of Fate and, well, I will wait for the energy to play out further before I try to capture the essence of it all.

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are the 4 ‘thought’ Signs. As they are changeable and have 5D points Transiting each of them at the moment, it is the perfect opportunity to practice using our Merlin Minds.

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