Shifts & Magical Faith – Apr 1&2

Snapshot: Friday afternoon our thoughts shifted to more earthy, beautiful things. Early Saturday we had some irritation between our motivations and desires followed by some productive healing words.  Sunday morning brings subconscious clarity and Sunday evening brings some very magical relating and negotiations.

About 1:45pm on Friday Mercury ingressed Taurus.

He is already in Phase 1, the Shadow Phase of his impending Retrograde cycle. But our thoughts and words have changed a bit to be slower, more practical, more loving and about things and objects we desire.

At 2:18am on Saturday Venus Rx at 0:53 Aries Semi-Squares Mars at 15:52 Aries.

These 2 Planets are in ‘Mutual Reception’ as they each Transit the Sign the other rules. So its a mild irritation between men and women or our own internal male/female energies.

At 7:52am Mercury at 0:46 Taurus Semi-Sextiled Venus at 0:46 Aries.

This offset much of the irritation from above as we found words or ideas to heal it.

At 6:02am on Sunday the Sun at 12:51 Aries Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 12:51 Pisces.

This is always a helpful aspect even if rather minor. The Sun can shed light on the hidden dissolving of Neptune’s energies and show us our path forward regardless of what is leaving our lives. Venus Stationed Rx at 13:09 Aries so the Sun will cross that degree before Monday morning bringing us some insight into our revised desires as well.

At 9:11pm on Sunday night (EST) Jupiter Rx at 18:53 Libra Biquintiles Neptune at 12:53 Pisces. 

Here we have some very magical relating going on when with the 5D ease of the Biquintile to our subconscious mind. As this occurs in the midst of our ‘Crisis of Faith’ in effect due to the 2nd upcoming Square of Saturn to Chiron (exact on Apr 30th), we can expect to have some assistance in the formation of a philosophy of faith to help us rise above any 3D/4D pain. 

While these 2 Higher Minds Planets create excessive drinking, drugging and sexing when in 3D aspect to each other, the 5D aspect can elevate us above these issues and take us to new heights of understanding and seeing ourselves as part of the whole of this reality and understand the role our thoughts play in it all. Remember this insight around Apr 30th and your ‘crisis of faith’ will have a little ‘c’ rather than the BIG 3D ‘C’ or will be nothing much at all. Get your Merlin Mind on!!

At 9:15pm Venus Rx ingresses Pisces again.

Here we will go back to revise our subconscious desires to align with our new annual cycle.

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