Mind the ‘P’s and ‘Q’s of your Personal Philosophy-Mar 29-30

Snapshot: Thursday morning (EST) brings some Soulful clarity around our motivations for work or health. Around noon there is some subconscious irritation that gets expressed resulting in some ease.

At 5:53am on Thursday the Sun at 8:56 Aries Biquintiles the North Node at 2:56 Virgo.

Here we have some Soulful clarity to show us what work we are motivated to do. Venus Rx is Quincunx the North Node still from yesterday. So there is quite a bit of motivational clarity we are receiving that also shows us our revised desires. The Biquintile is double, 5D magic. So it can feel so easy to see our way forward. To set goals that align with the Soulful lessons the North Node in Virgo has been bringing us. This lesson is about the way our subconscious minds get externalized in our physical world creating all of our daily activities. Can you see the connection at last between the all-knowing Pisces’ mind and the busy-ness of the Virgo energies that externalize them?

At 1:52pm Mercury at 27:44 Aries Semi-Squares Neptune at 12:44 Pisces.

Here we may feel some subconscious irritation and may, or may not express it. For example, we may think our actions are going to upset someone, but we can’t seem to help it. Interestingly, the next aspect that exacts at the same time will cushion any Karmic backlash your lower mind, Mercury, might create.

At 2:16pm Mercury at 27:45 Aries Trines Saturn at 27:45 Sagittarius.

Saturn has slowed to a crawl as he grinds in his lesson on the very same degree as the Galactic Center and where he will, once again, Square Chiron on Apr 30th. If you are feeling a bit restricted in some area of your life, Saturn’s purpose here is to get you to focus and pay attention to the new philosophy he has you working on.  The ease of the Trine will mean that Mercury is likely to hold his tongue from the irritation with Neptune and allow his philosophical approach to speak for him. There should be some Karmic ease that results from these 2 aspects combined. NOTE: Saturn is just 3 minutes from his Retrograde Station that will occur on Apr 6th.

The energy of Thursday’s aspect will be building all day on Wednesday, too.

At 1:19pm on Thursday, Jupiter Rx at 19:17 Libra Squares Pluto at 19:17 Capricorn.

This is the 2nd Square between these 2. Their 1st Square occurred on Nov 24th at 15:47 degrees of their respective Signs. There is likely a strong connection between the energy then and today.  Their combined energies create ‘intense optimism’ but with Capricorn involved, intense drive for power. You are not likely to want to compromise, though the Libra energy will want you to. So there is inner conflict or challenge between yourself, your partners and those who authority or your benefactors. The idea here is to use your real power TO compromise or seek the middle ground by use of a philosophy that allows you to recognize your own personal power. And real power doesn’t really need to assert itself. It just IS.

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