Check Your Motivations & the New Moon in Aries-Mar 27

Snapshot: Monday morning brings subconscious motivations. Early afternoon we have to adjust our motivations with our spiritual accountability for ease to follow. By evening there could be some productive, Soulful words expressed.

At 11:44am Mars at 12:40 Taurus Sextiles Neptune at 12:40 Pisces.

Here we know just what the right thing to do. It feels like we just knew it was right, too. While we might want to move mountains, just a small budge may be enough. But the results will be effective.

At 1:57pm Mars at 12:44 Taurus Ses-Squares Saturn at 27:44 Sagittarius.

Essentially, Mars is in a productive aspect all day to BOTH Karmic Planets. So our motivations are connecting to our Karma productively with easier results once we make the necessary adjustment. Mars in Taurus wants to acquire resources. Saturn in Sagittarius can seem to be limiting our abundance, but the truth is Saturn is merely channeling our efforts into one direction for solid, stable growth. Once Mars figures this out, things will go smoothly. And no fear gets in which creates Karma.

At 8:05pm Mercury at 25:28 Aries Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 25:28 Pisces.

From about midnight on Monday, Mercury has entered his Shadow Phase, Phase 1, of his Retrograde Cycle. What gets spoken will be up for some revision in about 6 weeks time. But it is productive, nonetheless, and could solve a few issues for the time being.

Chiron is applying to his Square with Saturn on Apr 30th. Words spoken now with the productivity of the Semi-Square, could help us prepare for the Square. We need to bolster our faith so we can withstand the ‘Crisis of Faith’ of the next Saturn/Chiron Square, also called a ‘Heartbreak Transit.’ In 3D, it can break your heart. In 5D you know to just roll with the energies. Some things are just not meant to be at this time. Wait until the end of the year for areas of your life where you have 27+ Sagittarius/Pisces to normalize again.

All day the Moon will be Transiting through Aries creating the Dark of the Moon building towards the New Moon.

At 10:57pm the Moon at 7:37 Aries Conjunct the Sun at 7:37 Aries.

Now our goals and feelings are aligned for the ‘fresh start’ of the new annual cycle to kick off, get off the ground or launchpad. We get a clear sense of the actions we need to be taking in order to move in the directions the other Personal Planets have been pointing to since they ingressed Aries and Mars is now in Taurus.

Its a great day to get a handle on the energies that are coming together to create this fresh start. See where the Planetary energies are taking you.

NOTE: How ’bout that Mercury Conjunct Eris and Uranus! Did you get your revelation/s? It has been a great day, though I did shake up a few others 😉

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    1. Hearts are a physical thing. Your Soul is having an experience. If you want out of the pain, move into Soul Awareness or ‘detachment’ and watch the situation without fear. Otherwise embrace the pain for the experience that it is🙂

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