Mercury Meets Jupiter & Eris-Mar 24/25

Snapshot: Thursday evening or Friday morning you may be wounded by your motivations or a ‘man.’ By the start of your workday (EST), you may have to check your personal plans against the needs of a partner, friend, senior or foreigner. Very early Saturday challenges our nurturing, but we do get clear about our desires and finances.

At 2:45am Mars at 10:15 Taurus Semi-Squares Chiron at 25:15 Pisces there is an irritation or some hidden pain, guilt or shame that you maybe need to see in order to take in the experience. Mars in Taurus is our pursuit of beauty, resources and touch. Chiron in Pisces still in orb of the Crisis of Faith Square to Saturn so there may be some connection to this ongoing transit here. Its minor, but could cut deeply.

At 7:45am Mercury at 20:03 Aries Opposes Jupiter Rx at 20:03 Libra.

Here we have many too many words or exaggeration going on. Or we need to see how our own plans contrast with our philosophy of relating. Its a good chance to see how to move from Mercury/3D-style relationship is too much burden in light of our own needs for freedom. Jupiter rules philosophy, the big picture/global thinking, seniors, foreigners or people at a distance. Mercury rules communications and the local arena. These 2 Planetary energies are naturally in contrast AT ALL TIMES. So the only difference with this aspect is that they are meeting across the axis of ‘me’ and ‘we’. Who are you relating to this morning and what is going on? Do the words point you to a piece of the story of the Great Gear Shift going on right now? Look for the local vs. global nature of things. Embrace the big picture to give your own motivations more context. And move with a philosophical underpinning that directs your path forward.

At 2:35am on Saturday morning Mercury at 21:16 Aries Squares Vesta at 21:16 Cancer.

Here we will have a sense of our plans at odds with the feeling of family and those who feel like family to us. You may be drawn to a group of women, or moms right now. Or those who nurture. Or you are motivated around the home and putting down roots. But does it tie you down? How does this feel when you consider your own plans? How are your personal motivations challenging your sense of those who are your 5D family? Much is going on inside the Grand Cardinal Cross. You will be hearing words that express the energies of each of these aspects from Mercury.


At 5:17am the Sun at 4:57 Aries Conjuncts Venus Rx at 4:57 Aries.

Here we have some clarity around our motivations and revised desires. Venus made her first pass to this degree on Feb 9th. The clarity you feel today will be tied to something at that time around your finances and desires. You may be clear on what or whom you desire.

As day breaks, there will be no aspects exacting for the next 20 hours or so, but there is plenty to process.


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