Soulful Desires Expressed-Mar 18

Snapshot: Saturday morning is going to be magically Soulful and we will express are revised desires around our motivations and work/health/fitness.

In less than 1 hour, we will have a 3-way aspect between Mercury, Venus and the North Node in Virgo.

At 8:16am Mercury at 9:05 Aries Biquintiles the North Node at 3:05 Virgo.

Here we express (Mercury) some magic (Biquintile) around our motivations (Aries) and our work/health/fitness/service areas. It will be magical the way we can get work done today. Or incorporate more Virgo (work/health/fitness/service) into our personal routine.

At 8:27am Mercury at 9:06 Aries Conjuncts Venus Rx at 9:06 Aries.

Now we can incorporate how our desires are aligning to help us incorporate our plan for work/health/fitness/service (or even roommates, co-workers, volunteers, and accounting). This is because both Mercury and Venus are within a minute (definitely in orb all morning) of the North Node. So our desires and our communications are in sync with our Virgo areas.

At 9:00am Venus Rx at 9:05 Aries Biquintiles the North Node at 9:05 Virgo.

Venus is on her ‘revision’ path of our desires as she is Retrograde. Her 1st pass to 9:05 Aries occurred early Feb 18th. What Mercury expresses in this 3-way aspect should reveal our revised (Rx) personal (Aries) desires (Venus).

The Houses where you have 9:5-6 Aries and Virgo shows more of the picture for you. It shows who the players may be that you are speaking to or with.

A great day to get a handle of the different energies to understand how they operate in the various Sign they are Transiting. And if you identify the players involved, you will be adding in the House placements as well.

1st/7th Houses is ME and WE respectively

2nd/8th Houses  (Money Houses and Touch/Intimacy) is MINE and OURS respectively

3rd/9th Houses is LOCAL people and GLOBAL people respectively

4th/10th Houses is MOM/HOME and DAD/CAREER respectively




4 thoughts on “Soulful Desires Expressed-Mar 18

  1. Hi Beth, Thanks again for your help. Major heartbreak today. I cant stop crying. Plans got changed. No one to go out with (otherthan my husband & thats no fun) just wanted to get out for a green beer & to watch some basketball

    So no friends,no love, no $. ALL ALONE. Yep. Thats is big time. Guess i will make myself a green beer and some irish stews to drown my sorrows in until it passes. Cheers!!!


    1. Jen, Was trying to figure out how to send you back some of your payment for the Transit Report!! If you know how, I will do that and you will have it right away, I believe. I have it on paypal. Thanks! Otherwise, try the luck of the Irish and go out and mingle and I’m sure you will get a few offers from someone to buy you a drink;)

    2. Actually, you should go out as tonight as Mercury and Venus are meeting and making double-magic to the North Node, I’m SURE someone will serve you a drink!!

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