Sun In the Heartbreak Transit-Mar 17

At 5:48pm on Friday the Sun at 27:29 Pisces Squares Saturn at 27:29 Sagittarius.

This Square occurs 10 minutes past the Square of Saturn to Chiron which occurs again on Apr 30 creating the 2nd “Heartbreak Transit.” But the Sun will closing in on Saturn and crossing over 27:19 Pisces just before. All of Friday afternoon should bring clarity around what it building to the 2nd Square. Who are the characters? What is the backstory? What is the Karmic fear? What hidden agenda can you now see through even just a little bit? Look for the answers and stay in gratitude. Knowing is half the battle. And you don’t have to respond to the deep pain, just watch from a detached place of your Soul.

This is your ‘Crisis of Faith’. How will you overcome it?

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