From Karmic Squares to Heartbreak Transits-Mar 12

Snapshot: By 6:30pm EST Saturn reaches 27:19 Sagittarius, the degree and minute of the upcoming 2nd Heartbreak Transit when Saturn Squares Chiron again on Apr 30. The 1st Square occurred Dec 28 at 21:01 Sagittarius. Their final Square will occur on Nov 2nd at 24:47 Sagittarius/Pisces. But the evening brings some clarifying awareness, too.

At 9:04pm the Sun at 22:91 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 22:41 Aries.

Here we can have some unexpected subconscious clarity around our personal path to freedom. The Full Moon this morning showed us something about our Virgo areas of health, work, service and how it is tied to our subconscious mind. We may know how we feel about the work we are doing and what we need to do more of.

As the Sun meets Uranus, we will see the actions we need to take to move towards the new ‘job’ as want and to set goals to get us there.

While we may not see anything manifest as Saturn crosses this degree tonight, we will likely have a feeling what the 2nd Square is about.

If you have early Pisces and late Pisces in the same ‘House’ in your chart, the story from 2016 of the Karmic Squares between Saturn and Neptune are likely involved in the Heartbreak Transit of 2017. If you look at the ‘House’ placement, by Sun Sign, of where you have Pisces, this is where the story is definitely connected.

For Scorpio Suns, Pisces is our 5th House of entertainment, children, romance and creativity. There is considerable overlap for me for the story of the Karmic Squares and the Heartbreak Transit. Though I understand 3D energies and don’t buy into the DUALITY of what I see during them.

Things said or heard last night and early today undoubtedly expressed what is building up to the 2nd Square as Mercury Squared Saturn so near to the exact degree and minute of the 2nd Square of Apr 30.

For a Cancer friend who called me today, Pisces is her 9th House of spirituality and philosophy. The 9th House is Opposite the 3rd House of DUALITY. She was SEEING the 3D duality play out for her. AND the ‘other woman’ is the leader of her metaphysical ‘church.’ It is REALLY a Test of Faith for Cancers even more than other Signs. There is deception and hidden agendas. These are all the other side of our coin of being on the ‘good’ side of things.

In 5D we KNOW that what we SEE (3D) is the illusion rather than the other way around. This lesson is something you really need to get to in order to come through these Heartbreak Squares with less, or very little, pain. Do inward and do your Soul-searching so you can understand it all.

‘In your heart {Soul}’ is 5D KNOWING and understanding. ‘In your life’ is 3D yearning. Let the yearning go by the KNOWING of 5D.

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