Mars Ingresses Taurus-Mar 9

Around 7:45pm (EST) Mars will ingress Aries.

Your motivations will slow considerably but you will find yourself motivated to touch or be touched. Or you could find yourself motivated to start looking for ways to acquire luxury items and more food 😉

This energy merges your male and female sides into one. It will be hard to decide which partner is initiating anything. They both want the same thing: to be surrounded by beauty, to be massaged or to massage, to move some earth in order to acquire what is desired.

Typically Mars is not very happy in Taurus unless you are massaging him a LOT. This Fixed Earth energy makes Mars feel like he’s hit a brick wall when he was sprinting off in the direction of his own choosing. The picture says it all. Mars rules the head. Taurus rules Fixed Earth.

For the next 6 weeks, we will begin to initiate (Mars) ways to acquire (Taurus). Though it may feel like slow progress compared to Mars in Aries.


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