Mars Square Vesta – Feb 24

Snapshot: Late Thursday night we have some irritating words around our personal desires and the social network. On Friday night our personal motivations run up against our desires to tend the hearth of family and home.

At 10:38pm on Thursday night Mercury at 26:50 Aquarius Semi-Squares Venus at 11:50 Aries. (Keep in mind that these aspects can play out in your chart earlier than this time or even a bit later. See if you can spot the aspect as Mercury’s aspects are usually the easiest.)

A minor aspect and one that will be revised within 10 days or so when Venus returns to this degree. But there is some revelation to be had that will assist you to see what Venus’ Retrograde Cycle may be revising for you. The Semi-Square brings some irritation, but the proper response is to move into awareness (Aquarius).

At 7:00pm on Friday night Mars at 20:32 Aries Squares Vesta at 20:32 Cancer.

Thank you, Alice DeVille, for your comment about using the Asteroids 🙂 I do find them to be 5D points and very significant. So this Square is a personal motivation in a 3D Square to a 5D point around keeping the home fires burning. Vesta in Cancer is the most natural placement if you consider the Vestal Virgins it was named after. They tended Rome’s hearth and fires in a sacred fashion that kept everyone safe and warm.

Vesta’s role in the Grand Cardinal Cross right now is to elevate the discourse from Pluto into remembering that there is no city government that isn’t modeled after the father (dominant parent) in the home. As you make your changes of the Great Gear Shift, are you placing some importance on keeping your own ‘home’ in tact. Maybe its the home on your back, but its the emotional roots you are have attached to that home.

Early Wednesday morning Mars Squared Pluto and this showed you the first corner energy of the Grand Cardinal Cross as Mars crosses through it from Aries. Now you have the 2nd Square to help you see how your motivations are shifting in the Great Gear Shift. How do you feel about home and hearth? How does that contrast with your sense of power? Power over others or from others?

The Grand Cardinal Cross is formed over the 4 Cardinal Signs in the Zodiac Wheel. These Signs are all ‘Karmic’ in nature. And initiating. For all of us, it is ‘me’ (Aries) and ‘we’ Libra, partners, friends), ‘mother’ (Cancer, land), ‘father’ (Capricorn, authority). Four areas of our lives are being shifted into something new so the morphing of our reality continues.

Vesta would suggest to Mars that he surround himself with some motherly-types at the moment so he can recheck his future directions. Spend some time on the land. Get out of the gym and run across the ground to see what ties you to the place you are right now.

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