Checking in With the Karmic Planets-Feb22-23

Snapshot: Around dinnertime (EST) on Wednesday we will act on some subconscious desires. 24 hours later, on Thursday, we will have some unexpected communication that holds us accountable to our philosophies.

At 4:58pm on Wednesday Venus at 11:26 Aries Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 11:26 Pisces.

Venus is slowing down in Aries as she is set to Retrograde on Mar 3. Neptune is making his 3rd and final pass to this degree so there is something settled and something yet to be revised in this equation. Easy aspects between these 2 bring out our ability to touch and be touched without any fear. Venus in Aries is initiating her desires. Women may be putting the moves on men or reaching out to touch them. Venus will be back to this degree on Mar 13 so her desires may yet be revised.

At 4:45pm on Thursday Mercury at 26:25 Aquarius Sextiles Saturn at 26:25 Sagittarius.

Here we have a spoken revelation that shows our accountability to our spiritual or higher consciousness philosophies. Mercury likes rote learning, but Uranus (rules of Aquarius) will have none of it. Here Mercury gets overridden and revelation comes in how how the ‘spirit of the law’ (Sagittarius rules ‘the law’) is greater than the ‘letter of the law.’ Look fo the big picture philosophical approach to help you change your ideas.

These are minor, but productive aspects to the 2 Karmic Planets. Always a helpful thing. In 5D, Neptune is KNOWING rather than the subconscious fear of 3D. Saturn in 5D is accountability rather than the Karmic fear in 3D. Most people are diagnosed with ‘cancer’ when Saturn ingresses their 12th House, ruled by Neptune. It is the merging of both types of fears that ‘cancer’ represents. So see if you can feel in touch with these 2 Planets where they are Transiting so you can learn to move with them from a 5D perspective. And if you know anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, consider suggesting a Reading for them. My results with these people are astounding 😉

But we are heavily in the midst of the Grand Cardinal Cross at the moment and may be sensing some big shifts in our lives. AND with the Sun in Pisces we may be getting clear about the ‘Fresh Start’ of the Solar Eclipse. So keep things in perspective as the 2 Karmic Planets would advise.


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