Vesta in Cancer & the Grand Cardinal Cross

As part of the Grand Cardinal Cross occurring right now and through the Solar Eclipse in Pisces on Sunday (Feb 26) morning, Vesta is holding up one corner in the Sign of Cancer.

Vesta is an asteroid which I consider a 5D Planetary body. Vesta was named after the Vestal Virgins of Ancient Rome who were the sacred keepers of the hearth. They lived a very extraordinary life where they were to stay virgins, never marry or have children. They conducted themselves as their counterparts, the Priests. Theirs was a ‘saintly’ life for the greater good.

In your Natal Chart, Vesta shows the groups of people that you gravitate towards and surround yourself with from time to time (when aspected, of course). My Vesta is in Aquarius in my 9th House by Rising Sign. I used to say that over my life I was often the only  white woman in a circle of blacks, Jews or Arabs. These were usually groups of businessmen that I would be brought in to do their business development. Of course there have been other times as well. Vesta in the 9th House can be spiritual types and philosophers. In Aquarius, Astrology can be involved. I have been trying to build a group of people knowledge enough in Astrology to surround myself with. But Vesta is also in my 4th House by Sun Sign, so I can understand Vesta’s role in this Grand Cardinal Cross from the Sign of Cancer.

In fact, my favorite job was when I was selling children’s books (9th House is publishing) with a Direct Selling company of moms (4th House)! I also began to write for that publisher, as well.

I have a friend whose Vesta is in Libra. She always said from a young age that she would never marry! And she still hasn’t. She would go on to say that she dislikes when her friends meet boyfriends and stop being apart of their circle of friends. She DOES keep a great circle of friends that she can travel to and visit as she lives on the road a lot. She is a keeper of friendships, for sure!

One of my Soulmates that I remember sharing 3 lifetimes with has Vesta in Cancer. While we lived together for a time, he was always going to stay at his mom’s or sister’s and other family members because of his ‘sacred role’ to keep the family hearth going. Well I first met him, I would joke that he already had so many women in his life how could he possibly fit one more?! It worked for me as Vesta in Aquarius is a perfect freedom-fighter, too. I do like my freedom. I will support groups, but need my own space as well. I have other Soulmates with this same Vesta placement. Its a compatible placement.

So, Transiting Vesta in Cancer is a bit like my Soulmates’ Natal placement: people who keep the home fires burning. Cancer rules the land and immovable property. If you are dealing with land issues right now, or family trusts, etc. this is Vesta’s part in the Grand Cardinal Cross. She is holding her own against Pluto in Capricorn which is a misuse of public authority. Our land rights have been under siege since late 2008, early 2009.  In fact, Hillary Clinton said just 2 weeks after Obama’s ‘inauguration’ that she was going to China to back out debt with our land. Most people don’t see what has been going on with the land via our public authorities. But there is MUCH activity here since 2009.

Uranus in Aries has been bringing up more communal ideas as we each seek our personal freedom. Do we really NEED a home to tend full-time if we want to act when the inspiration hits?

Jupiter in Libra is trying to heal some of the Baby-Boomers’ angst over their lost of marriages and such which has had them divided up the land. Most of the time the women get the homes as they are more the keepers of the family, for that age group especially.

So as the Zodiac Wheel turns (Tarot Wheel of Fortune) in this Great Gear Shift of the Grand Cardinal Cross, Vesta has a sacred role to play in keeping the land for the sacred role of families. She is the glue of tying us to a sacred hearth where we can always return for the nurturing of a mother’s love. Rather than fight Pluto in Capricorn, she has the POWER to help him remember the value of the land as an integral part of our home and government.

Over the last few days as my daughter talks of buying a house, I have felt some heartstrings pull at my own Vesta that has her freedom, but no hearth for my children to return to. Vesta in Aquarius, the 9th House and 4th House at the same time means changes to my ‘home’ and hearth. Like 20 moves in 30 years!

Knowing your Vesta, Pallas Athena, Black Moon Lillith, Vertex and Ceres can go a long way to helping you understand your 5D points. With Vesta in this Great Gear Shift is a great time to begin to FEEL her power and energy. If you would like a Reading, text me to schedule at 704-488-0204. We will discuss the entire Grand Cardinal Cross in your chart AND the Eclipse.

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