Clarity & Expressions of Change-Feb 14

Snapshot: Just after midnight on Tuesday (EST) we will have some clarity around our structures and authority. Early morning, we can express our awareness of the clarity. Then we need to make a Soulful adjustment to our relating followed by subconscious words that come from down deep.

At 12:58am the Sun at 25:44 Aquarius Sextiles Saturn at 25:44 Sagittarius.

Some shake-up to the old status quo of our belief system could be in order. You will get clear on what needs to change.

At 5:00am Mercury at 10:44 Aquarius Semi-Squares Saturn at 25:44 Sagittarius.

2nd part of a 3-way aspect involves awareness to express what needs to change.

At 9:14am Jupiter at 23:02 Libra Quincunx Chiron at 23:02 Pisces.

Here we have to make an adjustment to our relating that resolves any fear we may have about relating or relating-ships. We need to get Soulful and see how we are playing with a mirror of ourselves.

At 10:50am Mercury at 11:07 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 11:07 Pisces.

Here Mercury is meeting with the 2nd of the 2 Karmic Planets and bringing up what is dissolving to allow for the changes we are aware that we need to make. New structures (Saturn) are called for in our spiritual philosophies (Sagittarius) that align with the changes our awareness is bringing us to (Aquarius). Mercury will allow us to express the awareness and the changes.

Probably not the romantic day those who still find meaning in Feb 14 might hope for. Though there is some great clarity and awareness coming through today.

Through the next week we only have 3 more aspects made until we have 6 aspects on Tuesday, Feb 21st alone! This Sunday we will be one week til the Solar Eclipse at 8:12 Pisces. And the aspects leading up to it are many. It will only increase the intensity of the ‘Rapid Change’ promised by the Eclipse cycle.

So far it has been hard to see what the CHANGE might be. Eclipses in Pisces are ‘hidden’ things. They are not typically SEEN things at all, but rather deep shifts that allow us see fears that have been holding us back and to overcome them.

Between now and the Eclipse, Mars will move into position with Uranus in Aries and join a tightening T-Square involving Jupiter in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn and Mars and Uranus in Aries. Its a bit of the Uranus/Pluto Squares of ‘drastic change’ with Mars adding motivation to change while Jupiter calls for expanded refined diplomacy and relating. Let Jupiter handle the Pluto types who may be getting in the way of your personal path to freedom while Mars gets his roadmap and marching orders from Uranus.

Best to keep Mars focused on forward movement rather than letting him turn around and fight with the Pluto entities who are misusing their authority and finding ways to manipulate you to do their bidding.

Vesta in Cancer fills in a Grand Cardinal Cross, though I’m not sure how powerful Vesta is in this situation as many are not sensitive to Vesta’s energies…. they are 5D and could help shield any blows between the Titans Uranus, Pluto and Mars, a Pluto wannabe.

Grand Cardinal Cross energy is a Great Gear Shift across 4 areas (Houses) of your life AT THE SAME TIME. And the Eclipse is coming! Mercury will make 8 of the 15 aspects leading up to the Eclipse, so we will be hearing many things that point to the changes. Though it may not be all said and done until Mercury reaches 8:12 Pisces on Mar 2.




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