Sex-Square, Wounding & Magic-Feb12-13

Snapshot: Early Sunday morning, there was an adjustment to create an ease around intimacy, power, and Soul-service. Followed soon after by some wounding thoughts or words. But Monday morning brings magical awareness and expression.

At 7:02am Pluto at 18:20 Capricorn Ses-Squared the North Node at 3:20 Virgo.

With Pluto involved, I called this a Sex-Square 😉 Did some of your shared resources come into the picture and you had to have help or offer help? This aspect hit me Saturday afternoon when my car coolant (or lack thereof) light came on. I have Pluto Transiting in my 3rd House by Sun Sign (cars, local travel) and the North Node had to bring me some Soulful assistance from the friend who sold me the car. But with Pluto near exact his Opposition to my Mars I am mindful of the power to destroy things here from this energy. If you don’t have a major Planet in aspect to these 2, you may not have noticed this aspect much at all. But this aspect is why I am late in writing (Pluto in my 3rd House of communication!).

Keep in mind that the further away from the Earth a Planet is means that when they aspect another Planet it affects us for longer periods of time. So this aspect hit me before it exacted.

At 9:52am Mercury at 7:55 Aquarius Semi-Squared Chiron at 22:55 Pisces.

Here there could be some pain expressed, but also some Soul Awareness as Mercury is ruled by Uranus at the moment. Strive for Soul Awareness to embrace any change that you are thinking about. You have all day Sunday to process this as Mercury makes the next aspect by Monday morning.

At 9:19am on Monday morning Mercury at 9:27 Aquarius Quintiles Uranus at 21:27 Aries.

This is another perfect window for Soul Awareness as Mercury gets bathed in more magical Uranian awareness fresh from meeting with Soulful Chiron. Uranus in Aries means the flashes come straight into your Crown Chakra. Mercury in Aquarius means your circulation will get a jolt and you may move towards greater personal freedom while seeking freedom for all (Aquarius). Ideas to ‘save the world’ could come to you now. You’re really only saving yourself, but Mercury likes to express himself outwardly and fix what he ‘sees’ before him. Uranus and Chiron will help me to see that the issue is much deeper than what he ‘sees’ and that is the strength of Soul Awareness.

By 9:00pm on Monday night Black Moon Lillith slips into Sagittarius! This is another great opportunity to see the really big cosmological picture. I challenge you to VIEW my YouTube Channel soon as you will suddenly just GET IT!! … 5D Astrology, the Theory of Everything.  Share it to your Facebook page! I can use your help in getting things circulated and Monday morning’s aspect with Mercury Quintile Uranus is the perfect time to SHARE it to your social network as Uranus/Aquarius RULES the social network. That is the circulating part of it. Thank you in advance. Grand Trines on WordPress is always reposting my stuff and I am very grateful for her!!!


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